Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 17

I love the zoo.
Specifically, the Columbus Zoo.
This should not be a surprise…
I blogged about trips to the zoo
here and here and here.


But I was reminded of my zoo love today…
because I WENT to the zoo!
It has been way too long.
The snow and cold and ice have kept us indoors for too long.
But when I heard today’s forecast
(60 degrees!)
I knew a trip to the zoo was a must!

IMG_20101007_135046It was cloudy,
and still a bit chilly,
but it was lovely to be outside again!
Riker still didn’t care too much about the animals
but, as usual, loved the fishes.
But this time, he also loved watching the gorillas and bonobo monkeys.

No new pictures were taken today,
since we have a MILLION pictures of Riker at the zoo.

But new pictures or not, we still LOVE the zoo!

1 comment:

Whit said...

That's too funny... my fam is coming into town this weekend and I was thinking about a zoo trip on Saturday! The weather isn't going to be so great, but your pictures make me want to go anyway!