Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 16

I love my diaper bag.

When Riker was born, I bought the least expensive diaper bag in the store.
And I hated it.

easter 2010 023

See it hanging on the stroller…
my sadface is because I broke my flip flop right as I stepped out of my car at the mall…but also because I don’t like my diaper bag.

It looked like a diaper bag (which I hated)…
and didn’t have enough pockets…
and I just didn’t like it.

easter 2010 013

See  it behind all the kiddos?…what a sad looking bag…but what a cute looking baby!
After using that awful diaper bag for the first few months of Riker’s life,
I decided to just purchase a big purse to use instead of my ugly diaper bag.

See my orange purse?…I like it because it is orange…and has lots of pockets…but it’s too small.
For a while, my purse worked just fine.
I could fit my diaper case, bottles, and formula in my purse.
But as Riker has grown, so has the list of items I need to carry with me.
I now carry sippy cups, snacks, diapers, toys, books…
plus, all of my own stuff!
After looking online for “diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags”
(because I really don’t like the way diaper bags look)
I found this bag:


The Skip Hop Studio Bag in Charcoal Dot.
After dropping several (not so subtle) hints to TJ,
this bag now belongs to ME!
So far, I have zero complaints about this bag.
It has a LOT of pockets…
10 to be exact.
Plenty of space for all of Riker’s stuff
and all of my stuff
and all of TJ’s stuff that he randomly stuffs in there.
I love it.

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Ellen said...

I got this diaper bag in champagne when Luke was born and then when it wore out a few months later, I got it in charcoal dot. It's the BEST diaper bag, EVER! (AND my sister just got the exact same one!) The pockets are amazing and let's face it. It's cute! SMART CHOICE!!! :)