Friday, February 26, 2010

Nothing Cuter

shoes 009

How adorable is this?

Teeny tiny jeans and teeny tiny shoes on a teeny tiny baby.

shoes 007

Way too cute.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saddest. Day. Ever.

Today, pain was intentionally inflicted on my sweet baby.
It made him cry…
which made me cry.

See, Riker was born a little bit tongue-tied.
What does that mean, you ask?
It means his frenulum
(that’s the fancy word for that stringy thing holding your tongue to the bottom of your mouth)
was too far forward, so he couldn’t stick out his little tongue.
This could affect his eating
(but since he’s gained all sorts of weight, it obviously isn’t)
and it could affect his speech
(he could end up sounding like
Wodney Wat).
We decided to fix this problem while he was little so he won’t remember it and hate me for it.
So today I took Riker to see an ENT and have his frenulum cut.

tongue tied 003

Aw, look at that chubby little face and the adorable fat rolls on his arm!

He was all sorts of happy before the doc came in.
He had no idea what we were about to do to him.
The whole procedure was over within minutes.
Riker turned tomato red and screamed bloody murder for about five minutes
(and I cried with him!)
but once I was able to comfort him and give him his pacifier, he calmed right down.
For a while, he seemed unsure what to do with his tongue.
Now that he can move it so much more, he didn’t know what to do!
But he is doing great and seems to have already forgotten about the trauma he suffered today.
I’ve recovered nicely, too.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Future Model

Warning: Picture Overload
I simply couldn’t bear to leave any of these out…they are all just too stinking cute!

bdfa411f-c8fd-48aa-ac83-8f82b13a12faw  e5530be8-e89f-4a21-8599-b62e803fe8d7wbc98d5e2-c84e-4c79-9bea-6110aa8ea9c1w eb7164e2-23fb-4b37-bc1b-56cef65407daw 0b465c8f-302f-44f6-8035-8cba7593513aw 0d1d7a0a-ef39-433b-830f-5bd7aa755603w 0db67a0e-aba9-4bea-888e-9231d262235fw 1de5df3a-37e4-4df3-81d9-f3d32c43c924w 5e698650-c7f5-4e77-b6e8-e94c9afb475dw 8abdac31-4a58-4632-a4b5-5779c49c4ff7w6d47ec69-d8c3-4651-8dcf-14ee9ebd8a3ew 6ebd4265-6798-4a1d-a81f-812f9cf67badw  11a140b6-d698-4dc5-b07a-689de3e2ceb3w 32bc125e-e6ff-46ff-9bcb-adb1086ad23ew 097fff64-06f2-4f2c-8939-08d27da5821aw 240ab802-3af8-45be-b4e6-9a7fc7c5a906w a2b7edd0-cd79-4051-bc69-39a16cf9ab58w b9efcf03-35a4-4f38-a1ed-1589255afdcfw b9876bb9-cda3-48c3-af31-5fc854ded280w

One Month Stats:

Weight: 10 pounds, 4.5 ounces (51st percentile)
Height: 21 inches (17th percentile)
Head: 36 cm (14th percentile)

So basically, he’s short and fat. At least he has hair.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Day

It snowed…again.
Classes at OSU were canceled
so TJ stayed home with me and Riker.
Since all this snow is completely foreign to us desert dwellers,
we ventured outside (briefly) to check it out.


(Ignore how awesome I look…makeup hasn’t been high on my priority list these days.) angel

While Riker was napping inside our warm house, I made TJ jump into the snow to make a snow angel. 

Check out these deadly looking icicles…
luckily these aren’t hanging above our door.
I would fear for my life each time I walked out the door.
snow hill

Each time the plows come to clear our parking lot, the snow gets pushed into one big pile.
TJ climbed to the top and was hoping to jump into a fluffy pile of snow…
but there is so much snow that is just completely solid.


The ten minutes we spent outside in the snow was enough for us.
Now we are ready for it to all go away.
If I don’t see some sunshine soon, I might go insane.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Being Crafty

Being a stay at home mom is a little bit weird.
I’ve never spent this much time at home by myself…
I have always been in school or had a job or both.
So now that I have all sorts of time during the day, I needed something to do.
Inspired by an adorable onesie my cousin Stephanie made for Riker,
I decided to try making my own.

onesies 011

Isn’t he just the cutest little model?
He looked so adorable at Church!
Here are all my finished projects:
onesies 013

They turned out so cute…
anything that comes in teeny tiny baby size is cute, though!
(Just don’t look too close at the stitching…my sewing skills leave much to be desired.)

Oh, and I realized that I don’t have a single picture of me with my baby boy
(well, there are a couple from the hospital…but those will never be displayed publicly because I look like a hot, swollen mess in all of them)
So I asked TJ to take a picture of us before church…

onesies 002   

His photo taking skills leave much to be desired.

Friday, February 12, 2010

One Month

I can’t believe it has been one month.
It’s amazing how time flies when you sit and stare at a baby all day.
Our lives have completely changed in the last month, yet it feels so natural to have Riker here.

Riker James Grier 010

I hadn’t realized how big he was getting until we visited my neighbor, Ellen.
Ellen’s baby Luke was born just last week.
Riker looked so much bigger than tiny little Luke…
amazing what a difference just a few weeks can make.
We are heading to the doctor next week to see just how much Riker has grown this past month.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweater Vests, Slings, and Sleep…

Riker and I finally made it to church this week.
9 am church is rough.
It was really rough before I had a baby.
Now it’s ridiculously rough, especially when Riker keeps me up all night.
He’s 4 weeks old now…when is he going to figure out how to sleep at night?

Riker James Grier 005

He wore a really cute sweater vest to church.
It says “Newborn” yet I could have fit 3 Rikers inside this sweater vest.
It was really big. The pants were enormous.
He went to church sans pants.
He’s a baby…he can get away with that.
I made TJ wear pants.
He had to wear his little mittens to church too…
(Riker, not TJ)
his fingernails grow ridiculously fast and he likes to poke his eyes.
Plus, he keeps trying to suck his thumb.
I’m trying to nip that in the bud.
But he’s smart…he can find his thumb through the mitten and still suck on it.
Oh, and this is how Riker has been spending the last couple of days:

Riker James Grier 009  He’s decided to act like a baby and cry whenever I’m not holding him.
If I want to accomplish anything
(such as getting dressed or eating…)
he has to go in the sling.
This is a problem…
especially at night, because he won’t stay asleep unless I’m snuggling him.
He’s spent several nights in bed with me.
This may be a bad habit, but it allows me to get a little bit of sleep so I always give in.
I’ll deal with the repercussions later, when I’m a little more rested.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Are you tired of all the baby pictures?

Too bad…my blog, my baby.

Besides, who can get tired of looking at this face?

Riker James Grier 008

Seriously, look at that face!

Here’s another cute face.

Riker James Grier 003 Actually, two cute faces.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week by Week

1 day old:

week 1

1 week old:


2 weeks old:

week 2

3 weeks old:

week 3