Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 10

I love Arizona.
I know this is not a big surprise.
Growing up, I always knew I wanted to live in AZ forever…
but only because that is where my family is.
Now that I have lived away from AZ,
there are many more reasons why I love it!

First up, the food.
Mexican food, to be exact.
Arizona! 034

I know that the “mexican” food I eat isn’t authentic…
but I also know that the “mexican” food in Ohio is nasty.
I miss Gecko Grill…and Costa Vida…heck, I’d even eat at Filibertos or Amados right now!

I also love the desert.
Not because I think its pretty
(I don’t…and I think people who find the desert pretty are crazy)
But I miss being able to ride our quads through the desert.


I do not miss the rattlesnakes that we would find in the desert,
but  I heart riding quads.

I miss Snowflake and Taylor.
Small little towns with the best celebrations.

pioneer day 024

4th of July in Taylor, with the best fireworks show ever.
24th of July in Snowflake, snagging candy from the parade.

I love the lakes.
(And I love my dad…because he owns the jet skis that make a lake trip more fun!)


TJ knows how to wake board…
Lisa knows how to wipe out.

I love camping.
I love being able to drive out to the woods,
set up a tent,
and (sometimes) have a fire.

memorial day 09 055

You can’t truly camp in Ohio…
because there aren’t any mountains.

I love swimming pools.
And my naked baby.
Swimming pools with naked babies are even better.

Summer2010 019

Swimming pools and sunshine.
What else do you need?

I know Arizona gets hot…
but the dry heat is a million times better than humidity.
Seriously…humidity is the worst.

So I love Arizona
and I am dying to go back.
(So if you or someone you know would like to hire TJ…I would love you forever!)

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The Jolley Family said...

Heber, AZ fireworks are awesome too! I do miss AZ, but I also love TX too! Hope you are doing well.