Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 6

I love parties.

You may remember that one time I threw a Trailer Trash Bash.
trailer trash bash

Or the 80s Party I had for my birthday.

80s Party 048

And of course you remember the Mustache Bash


We’ve also hosted election parties…
and baby showers…
and, of course, Super Bowl Parties!
I don’t even really like football,
but I LOVE parties!
This year, we are hosting the 3rd Annual Grier Super Bowl Party.
(it would be the 4th Annual…but last year, I had Riker just a few weeks prior to the Super Bowl and wasn’t quite ready to host a party)

Parties = food, friends, and fun!
I will look for any excuse to have a party!
What’s your favorite excuse to party?

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