Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What We've Been Up To

I've been thinking that I really need to update my blog.
I've been thinking I had all sorts of pictures to upload and many things to share.
But then I looked at my camera...
and I was wrong.
There were pictures on there,
just not the quantity I thought there was.

I did find pictures from our lake trip.
The weather that day was perfect
and the water was awesome.
And I have a gazillion pictures of Riker in various stages of cuteness.
But I didn't want to put any of those on.
Instead, I'm posting this one:
Riker was really enjoying his rice cereal.
This particular morning he was enjoying it a bit too much.
It was literally everywhere.
If I took too long to get another spoonful into his mouth,
he would simply wipe the cereal that was on his mouth all over his face.
It was in his hair and ears, on his belly and legs...
the bumbo chair was even covered.
This is one little boy who loves to eat!

We only have one month left in AZ.
We plan to go to a couple more Diamondback games...
spend even more time in the pool...
maybe go to the lake again...
and just try to get as much AZ funtime in before we head back to Ohio.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Riker vs. The Cup of Juice

Riker has reached the stage where he wants pretty much everything mom and dad have.
If we are eating something, he will stare at us with his mouth open.
If we are drinking something, he moves his little lips like a fish.
So when TJ placed his cup of juice in front of Riker, he just had to have it!

Much to Riker's dismay, he was never successful in his attempts to reach the cup.
Riker can roll over, but he chooses not to.
He's no dummy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tummy Time

Riker HATES tummy time.
Like, with a passion.
And because I am an awesome mother,
I grabbed the camera while he screamed his head off.
No, he did not fall asleep while on his tummy.
He kept rubbing his face on the floor in frustration.
And now he sees that I have a camera
and he's probably wondering why his mother is such a cruel, heartless woman.
But no worries.
As soon as he gets flipped back over, he's all smiles.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Earning Our Keep

In case you forgot...
or haven't been paying attention...
or simply don't care...
TJ, Riker, and I are living in AZ for the summer.
My grandparents are awesome and are letting us stay at their house.
In exchange for manual labor.
They have a really big yard.
Like, half an acre big.
TJ gets to mow the really big yard.
I get to take pictures of TJ mowing the really big yard.
I thought that was a fair deal.
My grandparents also have horses.
Two, to be exact.
I think they are named Barkley and Jughead.
Don't ask me which is which.
All I know is that they live in the back pasture.
The cute little neighbor girls come over each day to feed and water the horses.

We also are in charge of the irrigation.
Every other week, I have to walk to the back corner of the yard and open the irrigation port so the yards will flood.
I don't like this task for a couple of reasons.
1. The irrigation water is stinky. Once I open the port, water comes gushing I inevitable get stinky water on me.
2. Frogs (or toads...see post here) live inside the port and hop out when it is opened. So far, none of the frogs (or toads...I still don't know the difference) have jumped on me. But if one were to jump out on me, it would cause me to scream and most likely fall into the stinky irrigation water.
Perhaps I will assign this task to TJ.
He can mow the lawn and do the irrigation.
And I will take pictures.
Totally fair.

And because no post is complete without a picture of Riker:
The end.

Yet Another Post In Which We Go To A Baseball Game

Didn't I just write a post about going to the Diamondback's game?
I did...right here.
But this time, TJ got to go with us.
Taking this picture caused me much anxiety.
My dad's seats are the front row of the third level.
Awesome view of the game...
really scary high up.
As long as we are sitting back in our seats, I am totally fine.
But leaning forward (or standing up!) causes stress.
Riker is amazing and was able to fall asleep
amidst the bright lights and cheering fans.
Is it totally random that I found this onesie
(featuring vintage Dback colors)
at a thrift store in Dayton, OH?
I thought so, too.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get In Mah Belly!

We recently introduced Riker to rice cereal.
Our first attempt went something like this:
He wasn't really into it.

I tried again a week later.
This is what the second attempt looked like:
That boy was eager to get that spoon into his mouth!
Look at his finger!
He was so excited he kept reaching for the spoon and got cereal all over his hands!

I made my niece Taylor try a bite of the rice cereal.
Lisa: Taylor, taste this.
Taylor: (takes a spoonful into her mouth)
Lisa: Is it gross?
Taylor: (shakes head no)
Lisa: Does it taste good?
Taylor: (nods yes...then gags)
Lisa: (laughing hysterically!)

Oh, and for those who care (TJ? My mom?) I took a little video of Riker eating rice cereal.
A couple of disclaimers:
1. I was filming and feeding at the same ignore the shakiness of the camera.
2. I wasn't paying attention to the TV during the making of this film, so please ignore the laxative commercial that is playing in the background.
And now, our feature presentation.

The end.


Spending the summer in AZ is awesome.
Because it's ridiculously hot and the only solution is to spend every day in the pool!
I plan on going back to C-bus with an awesome tan.
(or a wicked sunburn...)
Riker seems to love being in the pool as much as I do!

Is there anything cuter than a chunky baby floating in a pool in just his diaper?
I didn't think so.