Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 3

I love reading.
I have my parents to thank for this.
Both of my parents are readers.
I grew up seeing my parents reading all the time.
I was already reading when I started kindergarten…
mainly because my two older sisters could already read,
and if they could do it, I had to do it too!
I’m training Riker to be a reader too…

Plus, books are as much fun to read as they are to eat!


As much as I love to read, I hate buying books.
Which is why I also love libraries.
Libraries fuel my love of reading for free!
(unless you count the massive amount of money I have spent on late fees at the library…)

But sometimes, a brand new book comes out and the waiting list at the library is just too long…
which is why I also love the Kindle.
I can get the book I want to read right away,
and it costs (a little bit) less than it does at the store.

My taste in books is not the most sophisticated.
I read a lot of “chick lit”
such as Confessions of a Shopaholic.
I also read a lot of Young Adult Fiction,
like Twilight.
This week, I finished reading two books that have been on my “must read” list.
Both fall into the “young adult” category.


Both were very good reads.
And both were the first book in a series…
meaning I now have to wait for the sequels to come out.

My list of “must reads” continually grows.
Thanks to some recent suggestions, my list has grown quite a bit.
As soon as some of the ice outside my door melts,
a trip to the library is in order.

What books do you love?


Ginny said...

awesome! i have just re-kindled my love (time) for reading! Thanks for the always looking for a good book :)i have just started reading water for elephants...and then the scorch trials, which is the sequel to the maze runner...which is really good. I LOVED the hunger games series :) those are my most recent reads

Tyson and Jen said...

the picture of riker and his books are too cute! he's so great! :)