Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crackerjacks and Peanuts

Shout out to my Uncle Ron and Aunt Paula:
Thanks for the sweet seats!
The hubs and I went to the Dbacks game Thursday.
And I ain't lying when I say these seats are awesome.
Right field.
Front row.
Staring at Upton's backside.
Richard and Mike came with us.
Mike had a pocket full of candy.
He stole it from his daughter's Easter basket.
But he was willing to share.
So it's all good.
Do you see Summer?
She's in there...somewhere.
Summer and some friends had my dad's tickets.
3rd base line.
2nd row.
Foul ball territory.
Those are sweet seats, too.
Oh, and P.S...the Dbacks actually won.
I know, shocker.
Let's see if they can keep it up.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Capable Campers

We spent our Memorial Day Weekend in the woods.
We went with David and Brittney Vilt.
They brought the baby and the dog, too.
We found a perfect spot near Pinal Peak.
The weather was marvelous...
except at night.
It got cold.
The Vilt's may have froze to death.
The men chopped wood and started fires.
They were also in charge of the food.
Surprisingly yummy.
Baby Eli was at one with nature.
He was only cranky when he couldn't crawl in the dirt.
But I get it.
Crawling in dirt is da bomb.
The fire pit was the spot to be.
Everyone who is anyone was chilling by the pit.
Even Zeus.
Coolest dog ever.

All in all, camping is super.
Good friends, good weather, good conversations.
Good times.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Biggest Lewiser: Season 2

That's right.
What? You missed Season 1?
Don't worry about it, I lost.

But Season 2 has begun.
The first official weigh in was last night.
TJ and I stuffed our faces right before stepping on the scale.
The more you weigh, the more you have to lose...right?
I blame the burrito(s) I ate for my horrific weigh in number.
But now it is time to BRING IT.
Down with the Lewis's...and Potter's...and Laudie's...
The Grier's are in it to win it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's The Final Countdown

11 more days.

Just 11 more days until summer begins.
Here's my list of top 11 "must do" activities for this summer.

1. Girls Camp
Seriously, so excited.
I made Russia.
It looks awesome.
Pictures to come soon.
Please wait with bated breath.

2. Lake trips
Whatevs, I'm not picky.
Just white and in need of a tan.

3. Staying awake past 9
Going to bed early makes me feel old.
But it's so necessary on school days.
Lack of sleep makes Mrs. Grier cranky.
I do it for the kids.
But not this summer.

4. Reading
I love to read.
Any time. Any where.
Almost anything.
But nothing lame.
I am working on my summer reading list now.
I'll share when I'm satisfied.

5. Craft
Something. Anything.
It's like an itch.
I'm not a crafty person.
My mom kept those genes for herself.
But I feel like I should make something.
(Read: I feel like my mom should help me make something)
(maybe mom should just do it all and let me take the credit)

6. Win Biggest Lewiser
Season Two.
The first weigh in is Wednesday.
Final weigh in is in August.
Dad won last year.
Not this time.

7. See my girlfrieds
I mean it.
I know we always say it.
So let's do it.

8. Learn a new skill
Not quite sure what.
Should I knit? Learn calligraphy?
What about break dancing?
Hmm...clearly this hasn't been well thought out.
Suggestions would be appreciated.
As would an offer to teach me said skill.

9. Take a trip
Where? Who knows.
When? No idea.
The economy sucks.
Money is tight.
I'll be happy with a short trip.
Northern AZ?
Southern CA?
We shall see...

10. Go on a hike
This one is tough.
Mainly because it is ridiculously hot in AZ.
Maybe #9 and #10 can be combined.

11. Eat otter pops
Really not a fan of popsicles.
But otter pops are wonderful.
The pink ones are my favorite.

There you have it
I'm really looking forward to my first official "summer vacation" 
What are your summer plans?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Welp, he did it.
Despite his feelings about commencement, TJ did walk at his convocation.
Doesn't he look super cute in his outfit?
I think so.
This is Steven.
Steven spoke at TJ's graduation.
Steven received his degree in Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual Studies.
Steven wore a dress.
Excuse the blurriness of this picture.
ASU wants you to buy the really expensive pictures that their photogs take.
So they make it ridiculously impossible to take a decent picture.
But this is TJ. Shaking the Dean's hand.
His name was called, he walked across the stage with his cute little swagger.
And I took a blurry picture of it.
All done and so proud!

We had a party for TJ.
Lots of people came.
There was lots of yummy food and good conversations.
I completely forgot to take pictures until everyone had left.
But Josh and Melanie were still there.
So that's the only picture I took.
Congrats baby!
I'm so proud of you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thoughts on Commencement...


I would like to share my feelings in regards President Obama’s arrival at Arizona State University. Questions have been asked in regards to whether I would be going to see the President speak. My retort was, “what do you think?” Obviously I am not going but maybe I can clarify a few of the reasons for my absence. This is not an exhaustive treatise of my grievances but just an email written in less than an hour so if there are grammatical errors please relax :)

Let me be very clear on how I feel. President Barack Obama is the worst thing to happen to this country in the last sixty years. Now, you may just chalk this up as the musings of a “Right Wing Extremist” but nonetheless it is still relevant.

During a similar address to Wesleyan University in 2008 the president said, “Our individual salvation depends on collective salvation.” What an interesting statement to make but what does it mean? The president’s ascension has been clouded by his charming personality along with an adoring media. The meaning is clear though, individual responsibility is to be replaced by collective sacrifice. So why would I want to hear another speech highlighting that fact. Furthermore I do not support the president in the following areas:

I do not support the Presidents goals to increase taxes

I do not support his selection of judges

I do not support his Foreign Policy/National security decisions ( although for the most part he is ok on Afghanistan..still though )

I do not support his activist view of the constitution

I do no support his drunken spending and entitlement programs

I do not support his stance on immigration

I do no support his education policies

I do not support his stance on abortion and his vilifying of the religious

I do not support his environmental policies

I do not support his health care agenda

I do not support his 2nd Amendment goals




Are there some things that he is doing well, of course there is. Unfortunately the majority of his policies are meant to reshape America into something that I desperately do not want it to be. I wish the President the best of luck and hope he wakes up tomorrow morning realizing the error of his policies.

In the meantime I cannot and will not subject myself to a message that will most likely be filled with empty platitudes and outright lies.

p.s. graduating summa cum laude with a BA in Political Science..totally stoked.


Thomas James Grier

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust...

First, a little background:
The hubs served his mission for our church in Boise, ID.
He loved every single minute of it.
(And yes, he can find it on a map)
One of the best parts of the mission would have to be the friendships he developed.
When he came home, he actually lived with several other Boise missionaries.
These boys are still his very best friends.
Jared got married first.
Followed by David.
The hubs and I were married next.
And then there was Pat.
Pat was the "forever bachelor" type.
He would rather go camp in the middle of nowhere than go on a date.
But then he met Tyne.
Tyne likes camping.
And so, this past weekend, Pat and Tyne tied the knot.
She was lovely. He was dapper.
They cut the cake as husband and wife
(carrot cake...none for me, thanks anyway)
They were both pleasant as they took their first bites.
No frosting in the hair. No cake up the nose.
That's true love.
Of course, the getaway car was fair game.
I was elected scribe because...well, boys have yucky handwriting.
Plus, I wanted to make sure things were kept relatively tame.
David still snuck a little joke in for Pat.
He wrote it small (for Pat's eyes only).
Tyne still saw it!
It was a windy, windy day.
But it was wonderful to spend the day with all our friends.
Jared and Brittney (with baby Baer).
David and Brittney (with baby Eli).
And now, Patrick and Tyne.
The final Boise Boy is married.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom is awesome.
If you know her, then you totally get what I'm saying.
If you don't know her, well...your loss.
I just reread the post I wrote about my mom last year.
It still totally applies.
There are many reasons why my mom is so awesome. 
Here's a few:
(You've seen this pic before and you'll see it again...I love how this photo perfectly captures my parent's relationship!)
Mom is awesome because she married my dad, who is also awesome (come back in June for a post about my daddy!)
My mom is awesome because she raised 5 beautiful, well-behaved, classy daughters.
My mom is awesome because she puts up with and loves these boys.
(This picture is officially outdated...Calli had her new baby boy this past week, and Lindsey will add another boy in June!)
My mom is awesome because she spoils her grandkids and would do anything for them!

So there you have it.
The awesomeness of my mom.
What makes your mom awesome?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here's to Happiness

What makes you terribly happy?
Naomi over at the Rockstar Diaries asked.
So I'm going to answer.
Here's my ode to the little things in life:

1. Summer rainstorms
2. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
3. Spontaneous kisses from the husband
4. Crawling between cool, crisp sheets on a hot summer night
5. Dancing/singing in my car like no one is watching
6. Angel Sweet gelato
7. Mexican food
8. Friday night dates with the husband
9. the smell of a new box of crayons
10. staying up late to finish a good book

So what makes you happy?