Monday, February 7, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 7

I love Westborough.


When TJ and I moved to Columbus, we had nowhere to live.
Neither of us had ever been to Cbus before.
After spending several days looking at horrible places,
I finally stumbled across a complex called Westborough.
TJ and I headed over to check it out…and signed lease papers the same day.

A couple days later, we pulled up with our Uhaul.
Soon, neighbors started coming out of their homes and helped carry boxes in.
Introductions were made.
Dinner invitations were extended.
We immediately knew we had moved into the right place.


My biggest fear about moving to Ohio was being alone.
We were leaving behind family and friends.
We were moving to a city where we knew almost no one.
The day we moved into Westborough,
I knew we wouldn’t be alone out here.
easter 2010 009

Now, we can often be found at a neighbors house.
Or they can be found at ours.
We get together for dinner.
The wives have play dates with babies.
The husbands have play dates with the xBox.
We celebrate holidays and birthdays together.
Westborough is our surrogate family.

snow 004 (2)

And that is why I love Westborough.

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Jordan and Heather Humbert said...

I love it too - and I'm glad you guys are here :)