Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 24

I love teaching.
Did you know that I graduated from ASU in Elementary Education?
Well, I did.
I graduated December 2007…
Spring 2008 was spent substituting in different classes.
And finally, I landed my first (and only) teaching job for the 2008-2009 school year.classroom 002
It was at a dream school, with dream teachers, and dream students.
Giving up this job to move to Ohio was hard.

classroom 008

I taught second grade.
My absolute favorite grade EVER.
Second graders are still little and cute and think their teacher is a hero…
but they are old enough to blow their own noses and work independently.
Please, our projects don’t include as much glue and glitter…
I despise glue and glitter.

literacy day 001

Also, my team of teachers were PHENOMENAL!
I was hired one week before school started.
I was completely unprepared!
Luckily, I had these amazing ladies there to share lesson plans and worksheets and chocolate!

I miss teaching…
luckily, I can use the boxes and boxes of books and supplies I have to teach my own kids.
I love teaching.

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Summer said...

orrrrr give your boxes and boxes of books and supplies to meeee!!