Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Zoo!

Did you know that the Columbus Zoo is the best ever?
Well, it totally is.
It’s also Jack Hanna’s headquarters…
so that’s pretty cool.
I finally bought a zoo pass so we can go more often.
This last week, Riker and I went with a bunch of our friends.


8 adults
7 babies
1 fetus

Riker loved spending the day outside
even though he didn’t really care too much about the animals.


We saw lots of animals.
I took one picture of one animal:
the polar bear.
I kept hoping he would jump in.
He never did.

There are many more zoo trips in our future…
but I promise not to blog about each excursion.
(Oh, and I can get a guest in to the zoo for free with my pass…
so come visit me and we will go to the zoo!)

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Tyson and Jen said...

and 1 fetus! you seriously crack me up!!!