Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lisa I love You…Happy Valentines Day

IMG_0058 It took me a while before I figured out how to access Lisa’s blog. I am still not certain on whether this will work out. If there are no pictures, then you know it was not a 100% successful. Also, if there are typos, be kind, I am writing fast….

A little over 5 years ago I met my wife, who was then Lisa Marie Lewis. We met through a blind date. My wife would say that I did not have a good time on our first date. This is only partially true, as Lisa did not talk at all during the date. I mostly thought she was not having a good time. I am grateful that I followed a strict 2-date policy back in my single days.

We eventually saw each-other again at New Years Ever party. She was with her group of friends and I was with mine. I had came with the intention of actually trying to hook up with another girl (don’t think my wife knows this) but I found myself constantly watching Lisa from across the dance floor. Before she could leave the party, I ran over to make sure we had a second date planned.

Lisa was an awesome girlfriend, as she always came over to my apartment and cooked me awesome food (meaning she really was quite the trickster). We always had a good time together and most importantly, my best friends (roommates) loved her (all 6 of them).


I loved dating Lisa but as the months dragged on I could tell she was wanting more. Marriage terrified me. We need not go into the deep psychological fears that I had regarding marriage, but suffice to say, it terrified me. I could tell she was getting upset. My best friends, whom met their wives after mine, were getting engaged and that was not helping the situation.

This might sound a little selfish, but I just did not want to get married. I wanted what we had to last forever. At the same time, I had a very strong spiritual impression that this was not the right strategy. I knew deep down inside that I was supposed to marry my wife.

valentines 031 If anyone knows me, I handle things by plowing through them. If something scares me, I will make sure that I do it. It is not always the right move (breaking ribs by back flipping off a cliff ledge or climbing a mountain a day after heart surgery). I decided to stop being a weenie and saved money for a ring. I was working full time and saving a lot.

I was all set to ask Lisa to marry me when I got into a little accident. I crashed her cousin’s quad (4-wheeler) into a brick wall. It was not only embarrassing but it was expensive and the cost set us back a couple months. I think Lisa knew this as I caught her crying later.

I eventually had my money and had designed the ring. The time came to ask Lisa’s father’s permission to marry Lisa. I was still terrified about marriage mind you and the trip over to her father’s house was awful. I felt sick to my stomach with stress (not nerves). It was very strange because as soon as I asked Lisa’s father’s permission, my fears all went away. I no longer was afraid of marriage but excited to begin a new phase of my life with the woman that I loved (which was hard enough for me to admit, even now, ask my wife how emotionally retarded I am….anyway).

I am so glad I decided to ask Lisa to marry me because she has made everything in my life better. I don’t deserve someone who is so supportive and believes in me without question. It would not work if we did not love each other so much.

tisa When we first got married we both worked a lot. I went to school during the day and worked at night. Lisa followed the same schedule. We rarely saw each other for a newly married couple. I am so grateful that my wife wanted a better life for our family and was on board to work hard. My wife is an awesome worker.

As any law school wife will tell you, law school sucks. I am gone all day and study all night.

We also have a wonderful little boy who brings our family more happiness than anything I thought possible. I miss him a lot.

My point is I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world. I hate being away from her. If my friends at law school wonder why I don’t do a lot of social things it is because I would rather spend my free time with her.

I just want my wife to know, on this Valentines Day, that I love her so much. Thank you for not killing me for putting styrofoam in the microwave. Thanks for not killing me for putting red shirts in the white laundry. Thanks for not killing me for spilling nail polish remover on the table you just finished. Thanks for not killing me for leaving a ring on our new entertainment center. Thanks for not killing me for yelling at liberals on TV on Sunday (and pretty much every day of the week). Thanks for not killing me for putting Riker’s clothes on wrong.

Thanks for just being my best friend. I love you Lisa I am exited to grow our family and grow old with you.

In honor of this wonderful day….here is a song that I think captures everything nicely.

This was the funniest video I could find…..

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