Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 12

I love peanut m&ms.
I really like other types of m&ms…
but I LOVE peanut m&ms.


When I was working for my Uncle Tony,
we kept our office stocked with peanut m&ms and diet coke.
Because, really, what else do you need?!
I could probably consume nothing but peanut m&ms and dc all day and be perfectly happy.
Fat…but happy.


cindy said...

If I remember correctly...when that was all you were really skinny! It is when we supplement the M&M's that were "grow".

Whit said...

Oh, they really are SO GOOD! My favorites: almond m&ms, peanut butter m&ms, and pretzel m&ms. (The pretzel m&ms were an acquired taste. I had a couple, didn't like them. So, I had a whole bag, and now I do!) Ha.