Friday, February 11, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 11

I love nail polish.Nail-polish
I think I own over 20 different colors of nail polish.
Every time I go to the store, I always stop to check out the colors.
(and most of the time, I end up purchasing a new one)
The colors I have are so diverse…
from white to black, hot pink to fiery red, teal to navy.

I always paint my toenails…
I think my toes look weird without polish.

Picnik collage

(only one set of these toes belong to me…can you guess which ones?)

But now I can just rock my glitter toes and not have to worry about chipping my toenail polish.
My fingers are a different story.
For years, I never painted my fingernails.
Now, I feel weird without polish on my fingers!chipped-nail-polish

(not my fingers…but similar to how my polish ends up looking after a day or two)
The problem: I’m a nail biter…
so I take my time to paint my fingernails,
then I bite them, chip the polish, and have to start all over again.
I probably paint my fingernails twice a week.
Usually after Riker is in bed for the night…
and TJ is in the basement studying…
and I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy…
don’t judge.

So yes, I love nail polish.
(feel free to buy me more)
(and if you want me to do your glitter toes, I will)
(oh…and I want to try the Jamberry Nails, so if you want to buy me some, that’d be cool)

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Tyler and Karisa said...

I just barely got around to painting my toenails an orange color... much needed. What are these Jamberry Nails and glitter toes you are speaking of though?