Friday, February 4, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 4

I love Netflix.

We do not have cable…
Which means our television viewing options are limited.
When Riker was born, my sister gave me a gift subscription to Netflix.
I activated it the day we came home from the hospital and never looked back.

When I was up in the middle of the night with a baby who thought it was time to play…
we watched Netflix.
When we are trapped in doors all day because of the snow-pocalypes outside…
we watch Netflix.
When Riker is sleeping and I need some noise in the house,
we watch Netflix.
When TJ and I don’t want to spend any money on a date night,
we watch Netflix.
When Riker is cranky…he watches Backyardigans on Netflix.
Works every time!

I mostly take advantage of the Instant Watch.
I’m too impatient to wait for something to be mailed to me.
Plus, when I do have a movie come in the mail, by the time it gets here I am no longer in the mood to watch it.
I’m all about the instant gratification.

Oh, and if you get Netflix
(or already have Netflix)
it is so much better if you can stream it to your TV.
Watching it on my TV is so much better than watching on the laptop.
We bought a
Roku box for this purpose.
Watching it on my TV is so much better than watching on the laptop.
But now we have the xbox, which does the same thing.
(So if you want to buy my Roku box, it’s  yours for cheap!)

So, long story short: I love Netflix.

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