Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zoo Trip

Since we’ve been in C-bus, TJ has been dying to go to the zoo.
Once he finished his first year of law school
we took a family trip to the zoo!
zoo 067

Riker didn’t really care too much about the animals.
He did stare at all the fish in the aquarium though!

The silly pig/warthog/whatever it was walked behind us right as we were taking the picture. penguin

Riker was the same height as the Humboldt penguin.
You can tell how thrilled he is about this picture.

TJ loves the zoo and loved pointing out all the animals to Riker
(even though Riker didn’t really care).
zoo 034 zoo 048

TJ waited in the line with all the other little boys to pet the snake.
Red and black, friend of Jack!
zoo 050 zoo 058 zoo

There were a lot of really great exhibits at the zoo.
My favorites include:
*the new polar bears
*the brown bear that was pacing and foaming at the mouth
*the sun bear that was climbing up the fence
*the gorilla that was sticking his tongue out at us

We will definitely be going back to the zoo!

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Karen said...

You guys are so cute, what a happy little family you have. Glad you had fun, we loved taking the kids to the zoo when they were small, still do. Its fun to see their different reactions as they grow!