Thursday, September 24, 2009


One shirt
Two pictures
Who wore it best?
(Sorry mom, no recent face shot. It has been a long day,my hair is nasty and my face is gross. Maybe next week!)

Monday, September 21, 2009


So I realize that my blog has been boring lately.
We have been doing stuff...
*neighborhood bbqs
*football games
*more football games
*even more football games
But my camera is always stashed away in my purse.
And blog posts without pictures are lame.
So, until I actually take pictures of the fun we are having in Columbus...
enjoy this:
This is the albino squirrel.
He lives in a tree outside of the law school.
TJ snapped this pic with his phone one day.
The squirrel apparently wasn't camera shy.
TJ was hesitant to get any closer, though.
You know, cause of rabies and whatnot.

Oh, and this is Puxatony Phil.
Maybe I ran over him the other day.
It was kind of sad.
And really gross.
Hopefully the albino squirrel won't meet the same fate as Phil.

Monday, September 14, 2009

In my opinion...

This is TJ.
TJ is a law student.
TJ studies all day long.
One of the cutest law students ever.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Half Baked

20 weeks down.
20 more to go.
The bun in my oven is officially half baked.
We should all eat this to celebrate:
Oh, and I saw the baby doc again today.
He took a picture of my baby's boy parts.
That's is still a boy!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


So up 'til now, I haven't been taking any belly shots.
Because up 'til now, I haven't really looked pregnant.
But suddenly...
It just kind of popped out the other day.
Every now and then, husband looks at the belly and laughs.
Slightly because he's mean.
But mostly because he can't believe I have a belly!
According to my weekly Google research, baby is 6" this week.
Six inches?
That's the size of a Subway sub!
(You know if this was my sammy, it would not include those nasty onions or tomatoes!)
No wonder my belly had to pop out...
baby's getting chunky!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Take THAT Arizona!

The weather in Columbus has been hanging in the 70s all week.
And its going to be there for the next little while.
At first, I was confused.
But then I remembered something...
there is this season that seems to be lacking in AZ.
Some people call it fall.
Others call it autumn.
All I know is that it brings beautiful weather and beautiful colors.
Our trees haven't changed yet, but I'm so excited for it to happen.
So, while I miss all my peoples out in AZ...
this is definitely a point for OH.

Oh, and before you start trying to throw "winter" in my face...
I already know that winter is going to suck.
But its a great excuse to buy cute winter clothes and lots of scarves!