Sunday, January 25, 2009

Called To Serve

I have been called to serve in RUSSIA! So exciting!

Oh wait, you have no idea what I am talking about...let's take it back a couple of steps.

I am currently the first counselor in my ward's Young Women's program...meaning, I am over the girls ages 14-15 (but my ward is pretty small, so we keep all the girls together for lessons and mutual).

Recently, I was asked to be our Girls Camp director...meaning, I get to organize and plan girls camp for my ward! I am actually pretty excited about this. It has been so long since I have been camping, and I really do like to camp (although some may argue this fact). Plus, I love the girls in my ward and am excited to be part of girls camp with them. I am a little nervous about being able to pull it off successfully, though.

Our stake camp theme is "Answer the Call" and each ward has received a "mission call" to a selected country. My ward has been "called" to Russia, so we get to learn all about Russia and do our best to represent our country at camp this summer. We even get to learn a Russian dance (hopefully not the one where you have to squat real low and kick your legs out!) and learn how to sing "I Am A Child Of God" in Russian!

Now here's the thing...I don't really know a whole lot about Russia. When I think Russia, I think of the Disney movie Anastasia and the Romonov's. If you have any fantastic ideas about a camp cheer, skit, or even fun activities or decorations the girls can make, let me know! Any ideas or suggestions you have for me to make my directorial debut a success would be much appreciated!

Friday, January 16, 2009


My name is Lisa and I am a blog stalker.

It really isn't a serious problem. It started with following the blog of an old high school acquaintance. Then I started following friends of friends. Sometimes I will even check out blogs of people I don't even know.

Why, you ask? Some of their posts are funny. Sometimes they have pictures that are really cool. Other times it is for no apparent reason at all.

Tonight, I realized that my blog stalking is slightly pathetic. 

TJ and I were at the mall looking for a new laptop/briefcase bag for him. As we were walking out of Nordstroms, I saw a girl that I totally knew. Luckily, just before I said "HI!" I remembered that I don't actually know her, I just stalk her blog.

Is that sad? Of course.
Is that pathetic? Definitely.
Is is going to make me change my ways? Probably not.

I have a feeling that I am not alone in this. There are probably many of you out there who are either stalking my blog or someone elses.

Perhaps we should start a support group.

We can be sad and pathetic together.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One score and five years ago...

...TJ was born! 
So in honor of his 25th birthday, here are the top 25 things I love about my husband:

1. He loves me!
2. He is passionate about so many different things, from sport to politics to Star Trek
3. He pushes himself to be the best...but he does it just for him, not to impress other people
4. He is honest...brutally honest
5. He doesn't care about what people think of him. You either like him or you don't.
6. He is determined to succeed in life, whatever it takes.
7. Little kids love him. My nieces and nephew are always willing to go play with Uncle TJ.
8. He does the dishes...he doesn't want to do the dishes, but he does them anyway.

9. He loves his family.
10. He is a worthy priesthood holder.
11. He can take me to the temple.
12. He doesn't like to drive. Most of the time, this annoys me because I always have to drive. But he pictures us when we are old, with me and my white hair driving him around town (and I think it's cute that he pictures us as old people)
13. He was my biggest cheerleader all through college, during my crappy semester of student teaching, and my search for a job.
14. He always tells me that I look pretty (except first thing in the morning, because...well, refer to #4)
15. He is all about giving service to others.
16. He makes friends with everyone. Seriously, he can strike up a conversation with anyone and suddenly they are the best of friends.
17. He maintains his friendships. He still talks to old friends from high school...something that I am not very good at!

18. He is adventerous. He'll try anything once...well, probably more than once.
19. He hates when people tell him he can't do something. He will do it, and do it better than you, if you tell him he can't do something.
20. He loves to learn. He is always researching some random topic on Wikipedia.
21. He has a crooked smile that I think is just so adorable!
22. He always roots for the underdog.
23. He loves books. He always has to buy books that he wants to read because he highlights and makes notes in them.
24. He would do anything for someone that he cares about.

25. He's just so darn cute!

So happy birthday, babe! I'm glad you were born!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Years and Counting

TJ and I have been blissfully married for two years as of January 6, 2009. Holy smokes! I'm a huge fan of being married and think it is great fun. TJ still makes me smile and laugh and get butterflies in my stomach, so I think I will keep him around a while longer.

We have several of our wedding pictures hanging on a wall in our living room. At least several times a week, the following conversation will take place:

Me: Remember when we got married?
Him: Yeah.
Me: That was fun.
Him: Yeah.
Me: We should totally do it again sometime.
Him: (answers vary between: no, eh, and sure...but I only get the sure when he wants me to stop talking!)

But seriously, my wedding day was least the parts I remember. That's why I love looking at all my wedding pictures, so I can remember how much I loved that day. Here's just a few of my favorites!

Isn't he just delish?
My mom requires all boys marrying into the family to take a picture like this...jumping for joy. That way, anytime they complain about anything she can just show them this picture and say "remember how happy you were when you married her!"
This picture is definitely one of my favs! TJ was not loving the whole "Let's take a million pictures" thing, so to entice him into sticking around a little longer we pulled the football out and took some pictures that he could appreciate!

So, in summary...happy anniversary to me (oops, I mean us!). 
Oh, and everyone should get married. It's super fun!

PS: Remember that episode of Friends when Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe were all hanging out in wedding dresses? I totally think about doing that all the time. Is that weird?...oh well, I just really love my dress.

Happy {Belated} Birthday!

Meet Lindsey. She just turned 25...that's right, one-quarter of a century old! Let me tell you the top 5 things I like about Lindsey (as always, in no particular order)

1. She'll cook for me. Like, whenever and whatever I want. If I called Lindsey right now and asked her to make me my favorite dish she would oblige (as long as I was willing to make the trek out to her house in the far west)

2. She made Amy...and she's currently growing another little friend. Go babies!

3. She's awesome at making friends. I am totally jealous of her ability to make friends with so many people all the time. She'll just randomly talk to someone one day, invite them over for a game night, and suddenly they are bffs. I'm too chicken (seriously, I have probably told myself "Self, you should be best friends with that person" and then I wuss if you want to be my friend you gotta make the first move!)
4. She likes math. I'm not sure if this is something I like about Lindsey or just a random fact...I guess I like it, cause someone has to do the math in this world and it sure isn't going to be me!
5. She let me get married on her birthday. That's right...I totally planned my wedding on my sister's bday. But it was really the best day for everyone involved. Besides, we sang happy birthday to her at the reception and even used her baby's headband as my garter (silly story for another time!)...overall, she loves that my wedding was on her birthday!

So there you have it. The top 5 things I like about my sister Lindsey. Now that Lindsey is all sorts of old she might need someone to read this to her or help her make her way to the computer without falling down. Whatevs. Happy bday sista!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Looking Fine in 2009

That's my motto this year...looking fine in 2009. It is way past time for me to get into shape, and this is the year I'm going to do it!
Many "experts" say that the best way to lose weight is to let people know what your goal is, because the more people who know the more accountable you become. Okay, I can see the logic behind that...but don't think that I'm going to be posting any numbers on here. If I was willing to post my weight, I wouldn't be trying to lose any!
However, it is really important to note that my resolution isn't to lose (insert # here) pounds. Yes, I have a number in my head that I am aiming for but that isn't my focus. My focus in '09 is simply to get in shape. I'll be hitting the gym and making attempts at eating better. I've got a cute little sign hanging in my closet where I check off each day I go to the gym, I've got a cute little husband that likes to go with me, so I'm hoping to make it happen this year.
Anyway, you probably don't care about any of this...but I'm posting it anyway because this is my blog and I'll do what I want!