Monday, February 21, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 21

I love to play games.
Board games.
Card games.
Word games.
I love them all!
TJ likes playing games too, so we often have friends over to play.
(We only own, like, one game…so really we HAVE to invite friends over because they own the games we like to play)

Some of our favorites include:

ticket-to-ride asdf

(this is the only game we own…we call this one the Bean Game…we haven’t been able to play it for a while, because my neighbor Brett and I got into a heated debate over the rules…but I think we are finally able to put it past us and play again)

 carcassonne settlersbox

(We only play Settlers if someone has an expansion pack…because once you learn to play with an expansion, the regular game is kind of boring. Usually, we just play online with my sisters.)

Our friends, the Bodell’s, own pretty much every games ever made…
they were our favorite game night friends.
But then they abandoned us and moved back to AZ.
So we are now accepting applicants to be our new game night friends!
Do you love games?
Do you OWN games?
If so, you can schedule a game night with the Grier’s!
Because we love playing games!


Kelli said...

my hubby and i got introduced to ticket to ride and settlers from friends who own tons of board games too! ticket to ride is my favorite one to play! we only play settlers too with the expansion pack!!

The Bodell Family said...

Um, don't even try to replace us! JK just move back to AZ so we can resume gaming together. We miss you guys!

Jonathan said...

Um, we own ALL of those games (except we have Zarahemla-not catan). I haven't played with the expansions but would love too! I think that Carcassone is a MUST with expansions too- we have the BIG BOX! yay for games!!! Might I give a recomendation- PUERTO RICO!!! We bought it on Amazon at Christmas- made by the the same company as many of yours, and our, favorite games. I think it took us like 2 hours to read the instructions which is ridiculously long- but the game is fun, we are addicted. Anyway, if you would like to move back to AZ- we would be happy to be game night friends!! Or when you come visit- we can invite you over and play!!

EmileeandJonny said...

Um that was from me Emilee, not Jonny. sorry! Didn't know I was signed in as him!