Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 13

I love Disneyland.
Like, I really really LOVE Disneyland.

disneyland 063

I haven’t been there a lot,
but I have been enough to fall in love.
Every time I go, I am giddy.
Disneyland makes me feel like a kid again,
which I love.



I do not actually like taking pictures with the characters.
They creep me out…you have no idea who is inside that suit.
It could be a creeper.

 disneyland 092

I love all of the rides at Disneyland.
And since California Adventure was opened, I also love all of those rides.
Well…except for one.
The Tower of Terror.
disneyland 054

I do NOT love the Tower of Terror.
TJ forced me to go on it…
I begged to get off, and he just laughed at me.
I may have had a slight panic attack through the entire thing.
TJ promised never to make me do it again.

disneyland 093

TJ and I seriously LOVE Disneyland.
We are DYING to go to Disney World.
(we have already started saving up for our 2012 trip!)
It really is the HAPPIEST place on earth!


Tyler and Karisa said...

You know I live literally 45 minutes from D-land, right? Plus the beach is another 20 away. You should totally come visit. Free place to stay and free food. What more could I bribe you with?

Katie said...

Aw, I'm glad pictures of our trip made it into your post! I remember you being terrified on the Tower of Terror - good times. :)

Disneyland is the best!