Monday, June 25, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

It’s no surprise that we LOVE going to Diamondback Games.
Anytime someone has extra tickets, we are quick to jump at the chance to go!
And thanks to TJ’s office, we have already attended 4 games since we’ve been back in Arizona.
This past Saturday, TJ once again had tickets to the game and we decided to take the kids with us.
Riker loves sports so we thought he’d love it…but he’s also two, so we thought there was no way he’d sit through even one inning.


We were right, Riker loved it.
His eyes were huge when we walked in to the ballpark…all the lights and noise and people!
Even now, days later, Riker keeps talking about the fun he had at the game.
”It was SO loud! There were SO MANY people!”


Olivia was less excited about all the noise.
Whenever there was loud cheering, she got pretty nervous and would bury her face into my shoulder.
Also, she is so squirmy and does not like to sit still so holding her for longer than 2 minutes is not so much fun.


We left during the 5th inning.
Not because the kiddos were done…Riker would have been content to stay for the whole game!
But we left at 9pm so the kiddos could get to bed…especially since we had church at 8:30 the next morning!
I know we will be attending more games this season, and I’m sure Riker will beg to go to every one!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

6 Month Check Up

Olivia recently turned 6 months old, so it was time for her check up with the pediatrician.

weight: 17 pounds, 10 oz (66%)
length: 26.5 inches (71%)

I’m always surprised at Olivia’s weigh ins.
Compared to other babies her age, she seems so petite…yet she’s always in the upper percentiles!

photo (22)

The pediatric office that we visited today was recommended to us by a lot of our friends
(of the 14 responses we received, 8 of our friends recommended it!)
but I was actually pretty disappointed with it.

Our pediatrician in Ohio was the best…always willing to talk with us about concerns/answer any questions/offer advice.
The office I went to today felt very much like a business.
We didn’t get to see a doctor (we saw a nurse practitioner instead) and found out that we’d probably see someone different every time we went in.
There weren’t any pleasantries exchanged, no “hi, welcome to our practice”, no “tell me about your kids!”, nothing.
All business, all the time.

And while that atmosphere might work for some people, it isn’t the kind of office I had hoped for.
So we probably won’t be back to that practice and will continue our search for a pediatrician that we love.
Recommendations are welcome. Tell me why you love your ped!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life Lately

Ever since we made the move back to AZ, we’ve been working on adjusting to our new lives…hence, the blog has been slightly neglected.
So here is an overload of pictures, depicting our lives over the last few weeks.


Dback tickets are a perk of TJ’s job!


(you KNOW this picture will be shown at his wedding!)


Dancing at Duper!

photo (3)

Eating sweet potatoes like a champ

photo (6)

Livvy really wanted to eat that burger…and I don’t blame her!

photo (8)

Celebrating the purchase of our new mattress (finally!) with some In-N-Out

photo (9)

Pretending to be dad

photo (10)

The happiest girl ever!

photo (12)

Riker asks to hold Olivia, but she’s much too wiggly these days!


Driving the car with buddy Eli

We’ve been in arizona for over 3 weeks now.
Some days it feels like we’ve been here much longer than that.
Other days, I feel like we just barely got back.
Slowly yet surely we are getting into a groove and adapting to our new life.
so far, it seems like we are going to like it!

Friday, June 1, 2012

6 Months

Happy half birthday to Olivia!


Six months already, I can’t believe it!?
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this little girl is the sweetest little thing ever to be created.
Her sweet, smiley disposition helps cancel out the terrible twos we are experiencing with her brother!

Facts and tidbits about Livvy as a 6 month old:

*still super squirmy, and now that she can roll and scoot she does not stay in one spot for long!
*no longer an awesome sleeper. Ever since we got to Arizona, she has become an early riser and wakes up every morning by 6:30. Not cool, Livvy.
*she has TWO teeth! Both of her bottom teeth broke through in the past month and she just looks even more adorable.
*has started solids and so far has tried: sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, and peaches. Getting her to eat solids is actually a struggle…she is so uninterested in sitting still to eat and would rather be rolling on the floor or watching Riker play than eating anything (such a difference from Riker who just wanted more and more!)
*not crawling, but will get up on her knees to rock back and forth…and she can roll/scoot anywhere she wants to go!


This stage is seriously so fun! She will still smile at anyone and everyone, especially if she wants you to hold her…its impossible not to pick her up when she flashes an open mouthed smile at you!

Love you, Liv!

35 Things: Update

Once again, this month was pretty weak in terms of my “things to do”…but I blame everything on #35: move to arizona. the move has been made and we are finally settled into our new place in AZ…so perhaps June will be a better month.

try one new recipe a week
*totally failed this month…with the whole “moving across the country” thing, I didn’t do much cooking at all.

read 30 books
*Pretty Little Liars #1-5…don’t judge me. The TV show is one of my guilty pleasures so I figured I’d read the books…nothing at ALL like the show, but still readable.
*Bright Young Things…love this book, currently reading book #2. Set in 1929, which is an era I absolutely adore.

complete an act of service every month
*done and done.

donate old clothes to goodwill
*done and done

move to arizona
*HUZZAH! I am so excited to cross this one off my list!

things I am hoping to accomplish in June:
*have family pictures taken (should be accomplished thanks to an AMAZING giveaway I won from Christie Knight Photography!)
*never go to bed with a dirty kitchen for a month (this one has to be tackled at some point, might as well get it over with!)
*Make homemade baby food (livvy has started solids, so it’s time to figure this one out!)