Sunday, October 26, 2008

You might be a redneck...

if you spent Saturday night at the DEMOLITION DERBY! That's right folks, TJ and I embraced our inner white trash selves and headed down to the state fair (the redneck mecca) to check out the demolition derby. Not gonna lie, it was kinda fun. But there were people sitting in the stands around us whose lives seemed to revolve around the DD (these same people were also missing most, if not all, of their teeth...coincidence? I think not).

Dallin and Katie are SO excited (mainly because we saved $12 and rode the shuttle instead of paying to park)

TJ loves anything that involved destruction.

Cars getting smashed...

More cars getting smashed...

These two cars were stuck to each other and it took a while to get them unstuck...

After the DD, we walked around and checked out the rest of the state fair.

We saw the Big Snake (and maybe Dallin told a little boy that the big snake likes to eat little boys and maybe that little boy cried).

We gave a quarter to a (working-against-his-own-free-will-and-hating-his-life) monkey for good luck.Ate awesome "fair food" such as these fabulous cheesy curly fries (tasted MUCH better than they look).Katie rode the (same description as the monkey) elephant.

Tried to win giant stuffed things by playing some carnival games...

and more carnival games...

and more carnival games...

and then FINALLY....

Dallin won a giant stuffed thing and TJ won nothing. Bummer.

Before we left we made sure to make the debut performance of our awesome band!

And maybe I failed at singing...Rockband is hard.

All in all, fun times were had by all at the Arizona State Fair.


So pretty much all of you are probably now even MORE jealous of me because I now have the coolest phone ever. TJ and I picked up the brand new Google G1 phone and are absolutely in love with them. Best way to describe this phone: 

the i phone and a sidekick had a tawdry love affair and the G1 is their love child...and now it is mine!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Movie Reviews

My first week of vacation has been awesome. Literally spent all day Monday in my jammies, finally ventured out of the house on Tuesday (only because I had to go to the grocery store or die from starvation), and finally on Wednesday I started to DO something. And by something I mean see too many movies!

On Wednesday, my mom and I went to lunch at {yummy} Olive Garden then headed to Harkins to see this flick:
I hadn't even heard of it prior to seeing it, but I actually liked it. First of all, not a single man is in the movie at all. They talk about men a lot, but we never see one of 'em! Meg didn't look too plastic, Jada Pinkett plays a lesbian, and Debra is {as always} hilariously funny.

Then on Thursday I, once again, headed to Harkins with some ladies in my ward to see this film:

Again, I hadn't heard of this movie (maybe I should watch more TV so I can see these previews) but it was really good. Very sappy, almost too cheesy at times, but I'm a sucker for any movie that makes me cry! Plus, Sean Faris and Penn Badgley are pretty (even though they tried too hard to make Penn look like a tough guy!).

Then on Friday, I headed up to Harkins again (I know, how lame do I sound?!). This time, TJ and I went with a special needs boy from our ward who was REALLY excited to see this movie (which is sure to win at least 1 Oscar!):

TJ's thoughts: You know parent's must REALLY love their children if they are willing to sit through this with them!
Fun though, that most of the laughter we heard throughout the movie seemed to be coming from the parents. I can see why kiddos would like this, but talking chihuahuas are just not my thing.

This weekend I'm all about General Conference, next week I'll be working with my man for this man, and next weekend I will hopefully be here!