Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 8

I love webcams.oovoo2

There was once a time when my entire family lived in the same state.
Then, all 5 sisters were living in 5 different states.
Now, we are still spread out across 4 different states!
We definitely rely on webcams to keep us connected.

When we want to talk to more than one sister at a time,
we use ooVoo.
It’s free.
Most of the time, we just use Skype.
It’s free too.

Sometimes, I will call mom on Skype to show her how cute Riker is.
Other times, I will call Summer on Skype to show her how cute I look that day.
(And maybe someday soon, Summer will call me on Skype to show me her new bf? Yes?)

So yes, I love webcams!

1 comment:

cindy said...

Skype makes us look scary, we are not scary! We will have to practice looking normal.