Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

According to my camera, we had a relatively uneventful Christmas...
which is true.
It was great to spend the holiday with just the hubs
but I still tried to keep some of my family's traditions alive. family:
(Totally ignore the nasty dirty computer has since been cleaned!)
Thanks to technology, we were able to chat with my family both Christmas Eve and morning.
We chatted while my family enjoyed their Christmas Eve fiesta
(consisting of Gecko Grill...yummy Mexican food that makes me really miss AZ!)
TJ and I enjoyed our own mini fiesta
(consisting of Cafe Rio pork burritos...thank goodness I have the recipe!).
Then we attempted to decorate our gingerbread house.
I say attempt because...well, it didn't really go over very well.
For starters, the kit my mom sent was broken.
TJ tried to patch it together using frosting but...
the frosting was the consistency (and taste) of toothpaste.
Plus, it hardened in point two none of our candies would stick!
Of course we donned our matching Christmas pjs.
This picture isn't the best...
but I believe this was attempt number 286.
TJ was not willing to take any more.
Lisa + camera self timer = not so great pictures

According to my camera, we didn't do a single thing on Christmas.
But that's not really true.
We slept in...
we web-cammed (is that a word?) with the family while opening presents...
we ate sausage gravy and biscuits...
we watched the Disney Christmas parade...
we ate a yummy lunch with our bishop...
we watched Sherlock Holmes...
we vegged out on the couch and fell asleep early.
See, we totally did stuff!
TJ and I really enjoyed our quiet Christmas.
While spending the holidays with our families would have been great...
spending it alone was just as nice!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas!

I gotta admit...
I'm not feeling too holly jolly just yet.
Due to the child growing in my belly,
hubs and I are hanging out in Columbus for the holidays.
While TJ is enjoying his break from school
I still have to go to work.
And while I absolutely LOVE my job
(can you sense the sarcasm?)
it isn't giving me much time to get into the Christmas spirit.
And it definitely doesn't help to know that all my sisters are back in AZ for Christmas.
Things that I am totally going to miss this year:
*temple lights
*Christmas Eve fiesta...complete with a pinata and food from Gecko Grill!
*staying up way too late playing ridiculous games with Calli
*waking up way too early to open presents (even though we're all grown up now!)
*Christmas morning breakfast @ Gma Knight's
Basically, I'm going to miss spending Christmas with my family.
But, TJ and I are looking forward to spending time together this weekend...
especially since this is the last holiday with just the two of us.
We'll have our own mini fiesta...
decorate our own gingerbread houses...
don our matching pajamas...
and have our own holly jolly Christmas.
I plan on getting into a much more Christmas-y mood...
just as soon as I leave work tomorrow!
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shout Out To My Daddy

Today is my daddy's birthday.
That's right...I call him daddy.
I am, and always will be, a daddy's girl.
(Daddy and me at my wedding...he attempted to waltz, but I'm not very good!)

I think my dad is one of the greatest men ever.
My dad could definitely beat up your dad.
But he probably wouldn't...
not unless he had a really good reason.
See, my dad is a complex individual.
Physically, he's a big guy.
He was once described as a "tall, powerful man"...and he totally is.
But my daddy is really just a big teddy bear.
I think this has something to do with raising 5 daughters...
(My dad...and Summer, the "special" sister. This photo will be displayed at her wedding...should someone ever marry her.)
One thing is for sure...raising 5 daughters has made my dad a VERY patient man.
He puts up with a lot of craziness from all us girls
Definitely take note of his facial expressions in most of these pictures...
he's very tolerant!
(Daddy carrying Taylor...she was plum-tuckered out!)

(Disclaimer...that bag held his Father's Day gift from Summer...a Diamondbacks jersey...not lingerie!)

My daddy has adapted to his life in an "estrogen ocean"
He takes us camping...we ride 4-wheelers and jet skis...we even shoot guns.
Now that 3 of his daughters have gotten married, there are some boys to help even things out.
But daddy will always have a soft spot for his "Arlon's Darlins!"

(My absolute favorite picture of my parents!)
(He's one hip daddy-o)


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fir or Faux?...The Final Decision

The Christmas Tree 2009 debate has come to an end.
I know you've all been anxiously waiting to find out our decision.
Would if be fir?
Or faux?
This weekend, the tough decision was made.
Can you tell what it is?
That, my friends, is a real live Christmas tree.
The first REAL tree I've had in...well, a lot of years.
TJ and I adopted this tree this weekend from our neighbors.
They decided, last minute, to head back west for Christmas
(along with the rest of our neighbors...seriously, we are practically the ONLY people left!)
Rather than leaving their Christmas tree behind, TJ and I decided to adopt it.
We spent our date night decorating our tree and watching "Scrooged"
(which, according to hubs, is the greatest Christmas movie ever...I didn't stay awake to see the end)
Now all we need is a star for the top...
and some stockings...
and maybe some gifts...
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Columbus.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let It Snow!

It's officially winter!
We woke up to snow this morning.
Not a whole lot...just enough to dust our car.
Being the native desert dwellers that we are, snow isn't a common sight.
Except that one time....
TJ and his buddies got caught in a freak snow storm...
in the middle of the desert.
The snow we faced this morning was nothing major.
TJ was more than happy to brush all the snow off the windows.
I found other things to amuse myself while he did his job.
The cold weather isn't something that we love...
but we are learning to embrace the winter weather.
Most nights involve a cuddly blanket and two mugs of cocoa.
TJ drinks from the Santa mug...
I choose the pretty pink one.
So bring it on Old Man Winter.
Bring it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

32 Weeks

32 weeks down...
8 more weeks to go!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fir or Faux?

Hubs and I are in need of a Christmas tree.
Since we're staying in Ohio for Christmas, I must get into the Christmas spirit.
This means a tree, ornaments, lights...
the whole shebang.
(Christmas 2007...see the tree back there?)
Now the question is this:
Real tree?
Fake tree?
What should we get!?
(Christmas Tree 2008)

The cons:
Real trees require more maintenance.
Fake trees are more expensive.

The pros:
Real trees have a look and a smell that you can't get out of a box.
Fake trees are easier to deal with and don't die.

Thoughts? Opinions?