Friday, February 18, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 18

I love our iPad.


Thanks to my generous inlaws
(shout out to Thom and Deb!)
we got our iPad last summer.
When TJ first opened it, I didn’t understand his excitement.
My mind has since been changed.
I should really call it “my iPad”…
I’m pretty sure I use it a LOT more than TJ does.

Let me tell you why I love MY iPad.
First up, Words With Friends.


Really, its just Scrabble.
But thanks to the wifi connection, I can play scrabble with people who live far away from me!
(You can also play with a complete stranger, if you want!)
If you have an iPhone or iPad, download this game.
Then we can play together.

Another reason why I love the iPad is because Riker loves the iPad.


Sometimes, Riker is kinda whiny…
and one of the easiest ways to entertain him is with the iPad.
Don’t judge me.
I downloaded an app called Zoola for Riker.


When you touch a picture of an animal, you can hear the sound that animal makes.
Riker’s favorite is the dog.
My favorite is the giraffe.

Other apps that I frequently use are:


images (4) 

Amazon Kindle


Plants vs Zombies


World of Goo


When bedtime rolls around, TJ is often reading a book on our Kindle and I’m reading a book (or playing a game) on the iPad.
I love it.

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azHarline said...

I love the ipad! It is awesome