Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.
This was my very first holiday away from home.
I survived.
Hubs and I planned our own Thanksgiving dinner with some good friends.
We even took in some strays.
The missionaries from our church came for dinner.
Plus, a couple of single guys who live nearby
(they might have settled for Mickey D's if we hadn't fed them).
I was in charge of 3 of my favorite things:
green bean casserole, rolls, and cheesecake.
My friend Britney tackled the turkey, stuffing, and potatoes.
Dinner was delicious.
So delicious that we were too busy eating to remember to take any pictures.
I know, pathetic.
My first Thanksgiving away from home and no pictures to document the event.
But trust me, it was great.

Top 3 things I am thankful for this year:
1. a husband who loves me (even when I don't act very lovable)
2. a healthy baby (who will make his debut appearance in just 9 weeks!)
3. a supportive family (who I miss every day!)

Happy Thanksgiving!
(oh, ps, we woke up to snow flurries today!)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

OSU Game

People in Ohio take their football very seriously.
You are either and OSU Buckeye fan...or you are shunned.
When we knew we were coming to OSU, we knew football tickets were a must.
Unfortunately, OSU football tickets sell out in about .5 seconds...
so we were not able to attend any OSU games this season.
Until today.
We bought a couple of tickets from some friends.
This was the last home game of the season.
And apparently it was a big deal.
Like, if we won this game we would get a Bowl game.
And apparently, Bowl games are important.
We donned our scarlet and grey gear.
Plus a Buckeye necklace made for me by a friend in the ward.
*Fact: Buckeye nuts are poisonous. Don't eat them.
It was a thrilling game
and I actually was able to keep up with almost everything that was going on.
At the end of the fourth quarter, it was tied.
You know what that means...
The crowd was going crazy, hoping and praying that the Bucks could pull it off.
And with a final kick of the ball, we did it!
Can you tell how happy TJ is with this victory!?
It was baby's first football game...
and according to TJ, it is definitely not his last!
Now we can say that we are true Buckeye fans!

Nutterbut Squash

29 weeks
Baby is the size of a butternut squash.
I am the size of...something much bigger.
Bonus points to whomever gets my title reference!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another post about pigs

Well, sort of.
It's about the swine flu.
Being pregnant makes me "high risk"
so my doc encouraged me to get the H1N1 shot.
Unfortunately, my doc's office hasn't received any of the vaccine.
Here in Ohio, there have been several vaccination clinics for "high risk" people
(like me!)
So Saturday morning we drove to one of these clinics.
The advertised hours were nine to noon.
We got there at nine...
and waited in the world's longest line for two and a half hours!
This line wrapped all the way around the church...
down a hill...
then snaked back and forth...
3 times.
After spending all that time waiting, I got my shot.
TJ couldn't get one...
he isn't eligible for a "high risk" shot until I'm 32 weeks.
So he might get sick and die...but I'm good.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Little Piggy...

Many years ago, my grandma gave me a piggy bank.
It was filled with lots of coins.
20 dollars, to be exact.
Since then, the amount of change in that piggy bank has varied.
Most often, I went in after the quarters.
When the hubs and I were first married, we used all the quarters to pay for laundry.
This piggy bank has been extremely handy over the years.
Unfortunately, husband did not love the piggy bank like I did.
He's wanted to get rid of the piggy bank since day one.
Recently, husband got his wish.
We took piggy with us to Wal-Mart
(yes, Wal-Mart...we are classy people)
We had to remove many non-coin items that were stored inside piggy...
souvenir pennies from Disneyland
bobby pins
batting cage coins
random bits of trash
Finally, we were able to reap the benefits of piggy.
Years later, piggy had more than the 20 bucks Grandma gave me.
We could have done any number of things with our newfound wealth...
but we decided to buy groceries instead.
That's the way we roll.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kirtland, OH

My goal while living in Ohio is to see as much as possible.
Since I've never lived anywhere other than AZ, I want to experience as much as Ohio as I can.
So when some friends asked us to drive to Kirtland with them, we jumped at the chance.
We drove up on Halloween.
It was a blustery day and rained the whole way up.
But as soon as we got there, the sun started to shine!
Isn't Ohio pretty in the fall?
The Newel K. Whitney Store
A room on the second floor of the N.K. Whitney store was used as the School of the Prophets.
Joseph Smith sat here to provide instruction to the other leaders of the Church.
The Kirtland Temple...the very first LDS temple to be built.
Feel free to ignore how huge I look in these pictures...
Next to the temple was an old cemetery.
TJ thought he was funny.
It was such a neat experience to see these Church history sites.
The stories that we heard in Kirtland were not new to us.
But standing in the place where this history was create made the stories much more meaningful.