Monday, February 28, 2011

A Month of Love: Day 28

Today is the last day in my “A Month of Love” series.
There were not enough days in the month of February to list all the things I love.
So on this, the last day of February, I will give a round up of some of the things I love.
Some, not all…
that would be an incredible long list.

  • I love the sound and smell of rain
  • I love the smile Riker gives me first thing in the morning
  • I love the sound of Riker giggling
  • I love to see TJ and Riker playing together
  • I love the smell of lavender
  • I love tulips
  • I love going on walks
  • I love Tuesday lunches
  • I love candles
  • I love new jeans…that fit!
  • I love flip flops
  • I love TJ’s crooked smile
  • I love holding hands
  • I love breakfast foods
  • I love introducing Riker to new things
  • I love going to restaurants
  • I love jersey cotton sheets
  • I love Mexican food
  • I love cardigans
  • I love pedicures
  • I love taking vacations
  • I love sandwiches
  • I love singing songs to Riker
  • I love hearing TJ sing songs to Riker
  • I love the feeling I get when I successfully craft something
  • I love finding money in my pockets
  • I love Wetzels Pretzels
  • I love Disney Sing Along Songs videos
  • I love Lucky You perfume
  • I love hand sanitizer
  • I love craft blogs
  • I love food blogs
  • I love my blog
  • I love your blog
  • I love taking bubble baths
  • I love Zumba
  • I love the 80s
  • I love sleeping in
  • I love taking pictures of Riker
  • I love weddings
  • I love love

I know, it’s a long list…
and it isn’t even complete!
There are so many things and people that I love…
no blog post can ever encompass everything.
I just love love.

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