Sunday, October 17, 2010


Remember when I won all those super cool toys from Fisher Price?
I hid one in the basement.
It’s a walk and ride dino toy.
Since Riker can’t walk yet, I thought it would be perfect to save until Christmas.
But then I caved.


Riker can take little tiny steps
(when holding our hands or cuising along the couch)
but the dino rolls too fast for him to walk with.

But he LOVES when we push him around on it.
The feel of the wind in his hair makes him feel alive.
Or something like that.
The downside to the dino:
the voice that sings
(yes, it sings)
sounds just like Barney.
I am not a fan of Barney, so most of the time the sound is OFF.

Also, in completely unrelated news:
we had more visitors this weekend.
Andy and Lisa came from Illinois to visit.
Only one picture was taken during their stay.

That’s us.
At the zoo.
Yes, we went to the zoo again.
And it was awesome.
Thanks for visiting Johnsons!

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cindy said...

wind through what always looks like its blowing in the breeze!