Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Carving 2010

Halloween is coming up.
In fact, tonight is Beggar’s Night.
Columbus “assigns” neighborhoods specific nights to go trick or treating…
something about being able to patrol neighborhoods better.
To get into the Halloween spirit,
we got together with some friends to carve pumpkins.


Aren’t we all such a talented bunch!
All the other couples carved just one pumpkin together.
TJ and I will probably never be able to do that.


TJ and I each carve our own pumpkins.
TJ likes creepy scary pumpkins.
Lisa likes cute happy pumpkins.


This is TJ’s pumpkin.
It’s a mean scary pumpkin eating a poor defenseless pumpkin.


This is Lisa’s pumpkin.
It’s an adorable hootie owl sitting in a tree.

Until TJ agrees that Lisa’s pumpkins are best
(or until Lisa gives TJ free reign to do what he will)
we will forever be a two pumpkin couple.

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