Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Camping We Will (Not) Go!

This weekend, our ward went camping.
We were excited to bust out our tent and sleeping bags.
But we chickened out last minute…
we’ve never camped with a baby and wussed out.
We still wanted to check out the area,
so we headed to Delaware State Park.
As soon as we got there, we regretted our decision to not camp.


The campsite was a large, open meadow area that was surrounded by trees.
Plus, it was right next to the lake.
So yeah, we wished we had taken our camping gear.

But we still enjoyed our time exploring the woods
and checking out the lake.
And since the weather was awesome
(hello, Autumn!)
we were enjoying our time outside.


Riker absolutely loves to be outside, so he was one happy kid.
Seriously, he could be screaming bloody murder
and all I have to do is walk outside to get him to stop.
That’s love.


Plus, Riker likes playing with his dad.
So the fact that he got to play with his dad, outside!?


A friend recently told me that Riker could be a Gerber baby
since his face is pretty perfect.
And I have to agree.

So TJ and I have decided that before we leave Ohio,
a camping trip is a must.

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