Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today, Riker is 9 months old.
That’s 3/4 of a year.
Just 3 short months away from turning one.
How did this happen?
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Here he is today.
Well, not today.
I took this picture on Sunday.
But he still looks pretty much exactly like this.


Fun facts about Riker:
*he has 8 teeth
*he sleeps at least 13 hours a night
*he’s a social eater…regardless of when he last ate, he wants to eat when he sees others eating
*he still army crawls, but occasionally gets up on his knees
*he’s still the king of drool
*he smiles and laughs almost always
*he is most happy when he is outside…which makes me really worried about what we will do when its cold and snowy
*he’ll almost always stop crying is I start singing
*he has a newfound fascination with opening and closing doors
*sometimes when he plays with his toys, I think he’s channeling Godzilla…he’s quite destructive.

This is by far the best baby age ever.
Riker is ridiculously fun and we love to play with him.
If he could stay like this for a while, I’d be happy.
Thinking about him growing up
(and inevitably leaving me)
makes me sad.
If he gets much bigger, I’ll need another baby.


Wade and Christie said...

Crazy how fast they grow... love every minute of it! He is a cutie!

Summer said...

wait.. you got something wrong... wouldn't he start crying MORE if you started to sing??

Brenden+Nikki said...

Yes! Have another baby! Collin was 9 months when I got pregnant again :). It's fun!

And when it gets snowy outside buy him a huge snowsuit and let him go to town.

Nat & Tommy said...

Lis I can't believe he is already 9 months!!! So crazy! When are you coming to visit?! We need to play! amd for real this time.. not like when we lived across the street all summer and still didn't see eachother!! Lame