Monday, October 4, 2010

Guess Who!?

A visitor!
We love visitors!
This weekend, TJ’s old friend Patrick came to visit.


This is how Riker looked the entire time Pat was here.
He wasn’t sure if he wanted to like him or not.

We hit up Schmit’s Sausage Haus for some yummy bratwurts
{and delicious cream puffs!}


Riker feels the need to bite the spoon when I feed him now.
Every. Time.
Sometimes he will bite the spoon, then blow bubbles
causing the food to spit out at me.


After lunch, we took full advantage of the fantastic fall weather
by heading to the river front park to see the Santa Maria.
While we were there, I realized we were here last October too!
Here’s the picture from 2009:


And here’s 2010:


What a difference a year can make!
Instead of being pregnant, I have an adorable baby!

And…unfortunately, Patrick’s eyes were closed in every picture I took.


Hm. Kind of open in this one.
Such cute boys!


Every time TJ throws Riker in the air,
my heart stops a little bit.


But seeing a picture of Riker riding on a magical unicorn can make my heart stop too.


Being a mom is hard on the heart.

Thanks for coming Pat!
It was great to see you!

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