Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beggar’s Night

Holidays this year are extra special,
since they are Riker’s very first holiday.
This weekend is Riker’s very first Halloween.
And tonight was Riker’s very first Beggar’s Night.

Before moving to Columbus,
I had never heard of Beggar’s Night.
Now I think it’s kind of ingenious.
If Halloween falls on a weekday, kids do their trick-or-treating on Halloween.
If Halloween falls on a weekend, kids do their trick-or-treating the Thursday before Halloween.
There are even specific times set
so kids aren’t out all night long.


Because I live in such an awesome neighborhood,
there were a lot of little trick-or-treaters out and about tonight.


We went door to door to say trick-or-treat to all our friendly neighbors.
We decided against collecting candy,
since Riker doesn’t eat it
(and I shouldn’t eat it!)


    It was very cold, so we didn’t stay out long.
But tonight was just one of our fun Halloween activities.
*Boo at the Zoo
(which means you might be seeing yet another zoo post!)
*Ward Costume Party
(I’m quite proud of the costumes that I made for TJ and I!)
*Halloween Dinner
(nothing fancy…but Halloweenish none the less)

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Wade and Christie said...

You guys make such a cute family! Yay for Rikers first Halloween!