Saturday, September 18, 2010

Game Day!

TJ and I went to the OSU vs Ohio game today.
We left at half time…
OSU was up 34 to 0
so we thought it was a pretty sure thing.
(and it was…final score was 43 to 7)

100_3506 100_3512


Plus, we missed our baby Buckeye.
Big 10 rules say that every person,
regardless of age,
has to have a ticket.
So unless I want to pay for Riker to have his own seat, he has to stay home.

Football in Ohio is a lot more fun than football in Arizona.
I know that there are some people who really like ASU football,
but in Ohio, the entire city
(eh, entire state)
goes crazy for the Buckeyes!

100_3523 100_3522

The entire stadium was a sea of scarlet and grey
(except for one small visitors section that had some green and white).
The streets around the stadium are lined with vendors and tailgaters.
There are even people who set up tvs (and satellite dishes) outside the stadium and watch the game in the parking lot!


We are definitely proud to be Buckeyes.

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The Jolley Family said...

Sounds very similar to a Texas game! Everybody LOVES football here! BBQ and Football always go hand in hand in good ol' Texas! Glad you guys had fun!