Thursday, September 9, 2010

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

No, not Christmas.
Football season!!


We bought season tickets this year next to some friends
and TJ was way excited to go to the first game of the season.


And since TJ’s life now revolves around school and football,
I fill my time with crafts.
Here is my latest creation:


Lovely, huh?!
I found the idea on this website.

And in Riker-related news,
he likes to sit in this box.


And his tooth count is currently at 6.
Two on the bottom
(as seen in this picture)
and 4 on the top.
And yes, he’s wearing size 4 diapers because he’s a chunk.


azHarline said...

I love your craft, it is so cute! At least you don't have to buy him toys if he is content with a box. haha

cindy said...

I thought your new craft was the lovely necklace TJ was wearing!

Gussolini said...

Why is TJ wearing an African fertility necklace in those pictures?

lisa said...

TJ's necklace was made by a girl in our's a Buckeye necklace (made from real buckeye nuts!). They are the must have fashion accessory for Buckeye football!

Sovereign Family said...

I like your G hanging! Super cute!!