Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Awesome Opossum?

Living in Columbus has introduced me to new kinds of wildlife.
Remember the
albino squirrel?
(I’m trying to forget about the other wildlife in that post…
’cause I ran over Phil and it was traumatic.)
Here’s another wild animal to add to the list.


That is an opossum.
The opossum lives in our apartment complex.
It burrows itself underneath our porches and eats the plants.
A bit elusive, since it’s nocturnal, but has been spotted several times running amuck.
(amuck, amuck, amuck!…name that movie!)
Yesterday, an animal trapping guy came out and placed some animal traps.
Today, the opossum was trapped.
Correction: the opossums were trapped.
That’s right…plural.
More than one.
Here’s the other one.

We did not know there were two opossums.
But, there were.
They look like really big rats.
And since I don’t like rats I am happy they got trapped.
But, it was kind of sad to see them sitting in the sun.
They looked a bit depressed.


But then the animal trapping guy came back.
He put both of the opossums in one cage to take them away.
They probably liked being together after being stuck in their own cages.
But I’m pretty sure the animal trapping guy is going to stick a needle filled with drugs into the opossums and kill them.
So that isn’t really a very happy ending.
But at least they are no longer terrorizing our neighborhood.


Lisa, Andy, Peyton, and Baxter said...


Lisa, Andy, Peyton, and Baxter said...


Tyson and Jen said...

yup i was going to say HOCUS POCUS TOO! Love that movie! great post! :D you make my day!