Saturday, October 1, 2011


With the impending arrival of little miss in just nine more weeks,
I’ve been trying to teach Riker to be more independent.


He’s learning to spend more time playing by himself
and can even clean up his own toys
(with constant reminders to “pick another one up!” from me).


This newfound independence has led Riker to believe that he can, and should, do everything by himself.
A million times a day I hear “Giker do it!” (because he calls himself Giker…why can he say the end “r” but not the beginning?).
Some things, I will let him do on his own…
but other things, like making lunch and changing his diaper, still need to be done by mom!


Riker isn’t the only one who is becoming self-sufficient…
today, TJ made himself lunch!
I absolutely detest spaghetti (and anything else involving red sauce),
so whenever TJ has a hankering for some noodles he is on his own.


Of course, when he sat down on my cream colored rugs to enjoy his “spaghetti sandwiches” (which looked just as gross as they sound), I did have to remind him not to spill sauce on the rugs.
His solution: move the rugs.


Things might not get done the way I’d like them done, but at least they get done.
I think these boys will be just fine when baby sister shows up.


Wade and Christie said...

So funny that he is eating on the ground in front of the couch....that's exactly how Wade loves to eat....and even more funny that he moved the rugs!

Brenden+Nikki said...

That's totally what Collin does with his words too. (Stuck is "cuck".... that one cracks me up). It's called consonant harmony which is when they put a dominant consonant sound already found in the word and place it in the front of the word as well because it's easy for them to pronounce.. It's a normal part of speech development, and in my opinion, creates really cute vocabulary mistakes in toddlers :) like Giker. Ha ha. I love it! 9 weeks! I can't believe it! Did that go by fast for you? I feel like you just had Riker! :)

Tyler and Karisa said...

Oh my goodness! Your little girl is going to be here SOOOO soon! It's been flying by! (At least for me... my pregnancy too though) I love how TJ is eating on the floor instead of the couch altogether. Ha ha!