Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pint-Sized Picasso

A couple weeks ago, I convinced TJ to make a trip to Ikea. The closest Ikea is in Cincinnati (2 hours away), so he wasn’t super thrilled…but he loves me so he did it anyway.


The main purpose of the trip was to purchase a couple dressers for the kid’s room.
Those dressers are still sitting in their boxes in Riker’s room, waiting for TJ to assemble them.


Of course, it is very difficult to go to Ikea and not make an unplanned purchase.
We ended up coming home with a Riker-sized table and chairs.
He pretty much loves it.


Riker has finally decided that he likes to color and is getting pretty good at squiggling all over the paper.
Of course, his absolute favorite thing to do is drag the chairs around, push the table back and forth, and climb on and off the chair a million times.
After one day of listening to those wooden legs drag across the hardwood floor, I finally got smart and glued felt squares to the bottom of each leg.


Riker is more likely to focus on coloring for a longer period of time if someone will color with him.
He will make a tiny mark on the paper, hand the crayon off to you and announce “your turn!”
Watching mom and dad color is much more fun than coloring himself, apparently.


Oh, and we all knew this was bound to happen.
I believe it took Riker less than 5 minutes to figure out that the crayons could color on the wood too. 
Someday, I’d really like to paint the table and chairs…
and perhaps do chalkboard paint on the table top.
But maybe not until my pint-sized Picasso learns to not color on the table.

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cindy said...

He defiantly has the cheese smile down...invest in only washable crayons, because his sister will start in just as he learns not too:)