Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Part 2

Our ward Halloween party was Friday night.
Which means all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Riker continued to ask for “candy! trick or treat!”
Halloween night could not come soon enough!


As soon as he was in his Muno costume, he was ready to head out the door.
Getting a decent picture of him was next to impossible, because he was so excited he could not stand still!


Of course, the sight of our Halloween bucket by the front door only fueled his desire to go get some candy of his own!


Once we were outside, this boy could not be stopped.
He marched up the the neighbor’s door, knocked repeatedly, and loudly said “trick or treat” as soon as they answered the door.


The concept of taking just one piece of candy was difficult.
He kept repeating “trick or treat” over and over again, expecting to get more and more candy.
Of course, once I pointed to the next door he would take off again.
”One more door! Trick or treat!”


We walked around our little neighborhood with a group of other kiddos.
He was so excited to go up to each door and would giggle/squeal/laugh hysterically between each door.
But all good things must come to an end…and since our neighborhood isn’t very big, Riker was very sad when I told him we were all done trick or treating.


But chocolate is the one thing that can cure any sadness.
So with the promise of a candy bar, Riker was suddenly okay with going back inside the house.
(little does he know that he will only be getting one candy bar…the rest will be stashed away for mom and baby sister!)

happy halloween!

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