Tuesday, September 27, 2011

30 Weeks

I am officially 30 weeks pregnant.
Which means baby girl is the size of a cabbage.
(which reminds me of the one time I asked TJ to run to the grocery store to buy a head of lettuce, and he came home with cabbage…silly TJ)
30 weeks also means there are only 10 weeks left until my due date.
Currently, baby girl is hanging out in the breech position (as she has been the entire pregnancy).
If you remember, Riker was also breech…which led to an emergency c-section.
TJ and I have decided to do another c-section for this delivery, which means baby girl can be here in 9 weeks
(doc said we can deliver a week early…as long as baby girl is growing big and strong).
I’m totally okay with delivering early.
Riker decided to show up 3 weeks early, which was awesome because I was SO done with being pregnant.
Of course, I was also completely unprepared for Riker’s arrival
(as in, didn’t even own one article of baby clothing!)
so I’m determined to be ready for whenever baby girl decides to arrive.
We are no where near being ready, but slowly yet surely things are coming together.
Exhibit A: clothing


Goodness, that’s a lot of pink!
Thanks to an amazing consignment sale last weekend, I have stocked up on plenty of teeny tiny pink things for baby girl to wear
(at least, from zero to six months…)
There are onesies and leggings, flowers and ruffles.
As I sat there folding all of the clothes, I would hold one up to Riker and say “Look how cute!”…
pretty soon, he was laughing and shouting “cute” and “pretty” every time I picked something new up.
I think he’ll be a pretty good big brother.
We might not be completely ready for baby sister to make her appearance,
but having all these teeny clothes makes me feel at least a little bit prepared!

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Wade and Christie said...

So fun to stock up on baby girl clothes!! Yea for only 10 weeks or less!!