Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amish Country

Ever since we moved to Ohio, I’ve been bugging TJ about visiting Amish Country.
He finally agreed to go…and since this week is his fall break (meaning: no school) we finally went!


Our first stop was Heini’s Cheese Chalet.
With over 40 different types of cheeses to sample, TJ was in heaven.


Unfortunately for TJ, this is the only picture I took at the cheese shop.
We came home with a couple different blocks of our favorite cheeses.

After leaving Heini’s, it was time for lunch.
We headed out to Der Dutchman Restaurant and absolutely loved the view.

Fall in Ohio is definitely the best.
Crisp, cool weather…bright colored leaves…perfection.
As for the food at Der Dutchman: delish.
TJ had a sirloin burger (but since he had filled up on cheese at Heini’s, he only finished half).
Lisa had a gravy smothered pot roast sandwich with mashed potatoes (so yummy I wanted to lick the plate!).

Our next stop was Yoder’s Amish Farm.DSCN1564

Riker was tired of being cooped up, so he was excited to run around while we waited for our tour to begin. DSCN1568 DSCN1570

Anytime Riker sees a tree, he says he wants to climb it.
I’m not sure why he does this, since he’s never actually climbed a tree.


Riker’s favorite part of the tour was definitely the barn.


Except for this donkey:


this guy was all up in Riker’s grill and would not leave the poor kid alone…
he finally left him alone once Riker started crying!

 DSCN1577 IMG_20111005_150137IMG_20111005_150201

After a tour of a couple Amish homes (which was much longer than we anticipated…and much too boring to entertain Riker) we went on a horse and buggy ride.

DSCN1578 DSCN1579DSCN1580

It was a long, fun, busy day.
There were a couple other shops we had originally planned to visit, but this is what I saw two minutes after we left Yoder’s Farm:


Looks like someone had too much fun.
Overall, our trip to Amish Country was a success and we can cross it off our Ohio Bucket List!

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Jonny and Brittany said...

This looks fun!!! You are lookin cute mamma!!! :)