Thursday, August 5, 2010


We arrived back in Columbus safe and sound.
TJ has 2.5 weeks left before school starts.
We have a lot of things that we need t
o do before then.

We needed to go to campus to prove that we are Ohio residents.
Yup, we are officially residents of the Buckeye state.
After we turned in all that paperwork,
we took a mini walk around campus.

TJ needed to take a picture with Riker in front of this artillery cannon.


And he needed a picture of me and Riker/the stroller in front of the Shoe (aka the football stadium)

bucks  And he needed this picture of Riker sitting inside the stadium.field

And he needed a family picture in front of the field.

Perhaps if I tell TJ that I need (not want) to go to the mall,
he’ll be more willing to comply.

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heather said...

I totally love these - was the stadium just open?! I totally want to go take pictures there too!!