Monday, August 9, 2010

From Failure To Success

Once upon a time,
when TJ and I were first married,
we invited the Bishop and his wife over for dinner.
I used this recipe:

rice and ham stuffed chicken

Unfortunately, when I served the chicken, it was raw.
Not like super raw.
But definitely still kinda pink.
To make matters worse, no one said anything.
They just kept eating.
I was mortified and too scared to say anything.
With visions of food poisoning dancing in my head,
I politely picked at my chicken and kept a smile on my face.
When that evening was over, I vowed to never serve chicken to guests again.
Also: to avoid any phone calls from the Bishop over the next few days.

Why am I telling this story?
Well, tonight I finally decided to attempt this recipe again.
Since it was just for TJ, I could always toss it if it was raw.
To my surprise, it turned out great!

August 2010 008 
I was aiming for taste, not presentation.
Since I didn’t actually eat any of it the first time around,
I was excited to finally taste the fruits of my labor.
And it’s yummy.
Everyone should make this for dinner tomorrow.
And if it turns out raw, I feel your pain.

(Recipe card created by yours truly…inspired by this blog)
(Recipe comes from

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azHarline said...

That recipe looks and sound good. I feel your pain for the whole raw chicken thing. I have done that before. Oh the joys of cooking.