Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Pictures

Sometimes I have really good ideas.
”Let’s take family pictures!”
Sometimes my good ideas come at really bad times.
”Let’s take family pictures…outside…in the middle of July…in Arizona!”
Regardless of how bad this idea might sound,
our pictures turned out super cute!
20100717_Grier Family_0018 copy 20100717_Grier Family_005620100717_Grier Family_0022 copy 20100717_Grier Family_0034 copy  20100717_Grier Family_0069 20100717_Grier Family_0103 20100717_Grier Family_0117 20100717_Grier Family_013820100717_Grier Family_0138 copy  20100717_Grier Family_0307 20100717_Grier Family_039220100717_Grier Family_0349  20100717_Grier Family_049020100717_Grier Family_0470 copy 

Photos taken by Framed Memories Photography.
Thank you! We love them!


Ginny said...

oh my heck!!! those are soo stinkin cute! your little riker is such a cute little guy! it was good seeing you guys for a few minutes :) good luck with this new year in law school!

Jonny and Brittany said...

SOOO cute Lisa! Love these!!! So glad we got to get together the other night too by the way! So much fun to catch up with you and meet the fam.:)

Brenden+Nikki said...

I love the one where it looks like he's waving over your shoulder. So cute!! :)

heather said...

Love them Lisa!! They are all fabulous! Excited to have you back on Ohio!