Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hiking Hocking Hills

TJ and I have vowed to experience more of Ohio while we are here.
I’d heard many good things about Hocking Hills, so today we decided to check it out.
Hocking Hills 007

Our dear friends and neighbors, the Martindales, came along.
They are glowing because they are awesome.

Hocking Hills 005

Riker was clearly so excited for our hike.
He actually really loved it and enjoyed being outside all day!

Hocking Hills 023

This is at the “Lower Falls”…
I’d call it more of a trickle, rather than a fall.
We’ll have to come back in the spring after the snow melts to see if it’s more impressive.

 Hocking Hills 010

TJ, of course, felt the need to climb (or at least attempt to climb) everything in sight.  Hocking Hills 025

Hocking Hills 048     Hocking Hills 081

Riker was a happy boy all day long, despite missing his nap.

Hocking Hills 041    But by the end of our hike, he was exhausted.
It was a great day and definitely made us even more excited to discover more of Ohio!

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