Sunday, August 15, 2010

7 Months

Riker is 7 months old.
He’s wearing 9 month old clothes.
Lots of rolls to love.
Here’s what is up with Riker at 7 months:


He wears glasses.
Ha, just kidding.
Riker doesn’t really wear glasses.
But whenever TJ has his glasses on,
Riker tries to yank them off his face.


Riker eats anything and everything he can reach.
Not joking.
If he can reach it, it goes in his mouth.
Things he has tried to eat but really shouldn’t include:
*cell phones
*the rug
*bottles of lotion
August 2010 035 August 2010 036

Riker is very active these days.
He rolls from back to tummy.
And tummy to back.
Then back to his tummy.
Lots of rolling, but still no crawling.
He managed to get himself wrapped inside his play mat.
He loved it…until he decided he wanted out.
Then he got mad because he couldn’t figure it out.


This is Riker’s eating position.
He sits in his Bumbo,
leans back,
and opens his mouth as wide as it can go.
Eating is probably Riker’s favorite activity.
{hence the chunky cheeks and thunder thighs}

Other things about Riker at 7 months that I don’t have pictures of but want to remember:
*his bottom two teeth are coming in
*his hair is growing in and stands straight up
*he growls at me all the time
*when he smiles, he’ll scrunch his nose and squint his eyes
*he has started to copy us
{example: if we bang our hand on the floor, so will he}
*when he’s excited, he flails his arms in all directions
*he loves to be outside regardless of how hot or humid it is

Moral of the post: Riker is adorable.

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Brenden+Nikki said...

He is a cute little guy. Beautiful eyes he has. And he looks pretty dang cute with glasses on too.