Monday, June 25, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

It’s no surprise that we LOVE going to Diamondback Games.
Anytime someone has extra tickets, we are quick to jump at the chance to go!
And thanks to TJ’s office, we have already attended 4 games since we’ve been back in Arizona.
This past Saturday, TJ once again had tickets to the game and we decided to take the kids with us.
Riker loves sports so we thought he’d love it…but he’s also two, so we thought there was no way he’d sit through even one inning.


We were right, Riker loved it.
His eyes were huge when we walked in to the ballpark…all the lights and noise and people!
Even now, days later, Riker keeps talking about the fun he had at the game.
”It was SO loud! There were SO MANY people!”


Olivia was less excited about all the noise.
Whenever there was loud cheering, she got pretty nervous and would bury her face into my shoulder.
Also, she is so squirmy and does not like to sit still so holding her for longer than 2 minutes is not so much fun.


We left during the 5th inning.
Not because the kiddos were done…Riker would have been content to stay for the whole game!
But we left at 9pm so the kiddos could get to bed…especially since we had church at 8:30 the next morning!
I know we will be attending more games this season, and I’m sure Riker will beg to go to every one!

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