Friday, June 1, 2012

6 Months

Happy half birthday to Olivia!


Six months already, I can’t believe it!?
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this little girl is the sweetest little thing ever to be created.
Her sweet, smiley disposition helps cancel out the terrible twos we are experiencing with her brother!

Facts and tidbits about Livvy as a 6 month old:

*still super squirmy, and now that she can roll and scoot she does not stay in one spot for long!
*no longer an awesome sleeper. Ever since we got to Arizona, she has become an early riser and wakes up every morning by 6:30. Not cool, Livvy.
*she has TWO teeth! Both of her bottom teeth broke through in the past month and she just looks even more adorable.
*has started solids and so far has tried: sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, and peaches. Getting her to eat solids is actually a struggle…she is so uninterested in sitting still to eat and would rather be rolling on the floor or watching Riker play than eating anything (such a difference from Riker who just wanted more and more!)
*not crawling, but will get up on her knees to rock back and forth…and she can roll/scoot anywhere she wants to go!


This stage is seriously so fun! She will still smile at anyone and everyone, especially if she wants you to hold her…its impossible not to pick her up when she flashes an open mouthed smile at you!

Love you, Liv!

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