Thursday, June 7, 2012

6 Month Check Up

Olivia recently turned 6 months old, so it was time for her check up with the pediatrician.

weight: 17 pounds, 10 oz (66%)
length: 26.5 inches (71%)

I’m always surprised at Olivia’s weigh ins.
Compared to other babies her age, she seems so petite…yet she’s always in the upper percentiles!

photo (22)

The pediatric office that we visited today was recommended to us by a lot of our friends
(of the 14 responses we received, 8 of our friends recommended it!)
but I was actually pretty disappointed with it.

Our pediatrician in Ohio was the best…always willing to talk with us about concerns/answer any questions/offer advice.
The office I went to today felt very much like a business.
We didn’t get to see a doctor (we saw a nurse practitioner instead) and found out that we’d probably see someone different every time we went in.
There weren’t any pleasantries exchanged, no “hi, welcome to our practice”, no “tell me about your kids!”, nothing.
All business, all the time.

And while that atmosphere might work for some people, it isn’t the kind of office I had hoped for.
So we probably won’t be back to that practice and will continue our search for a pediatrician that we love.
Recommendations are welcome. Tell me why you love your ped!


Jonny and Brittany said...

First off- your girl is ADORABLE! :) Cutest chunky thighs and big sweet smile! LOVE it! I kinda need to meet her :) Secondly- I go to Mesa Pediatrics in Gilbert. Dr. Cuellar I think?? I really like her- she hasn't pushed anything on me and has been overly willing to answer questions from an annoying first time mom. Best of luck finding a good one!! :)

azHarline said...

I love Mesa Pediatrics. I see Dr. Zankich at the Gilbert office. I have been going to her since Owen was born and I love her. She has always had the time to listen to all my concerns and questions. I never feel rushed. And I feel like she remembers us. She plays with Owen and talks to him. I never have a problem making an appointment, even if I need one for the same day.

Tyler and Karisa said...

Sounds like that's a good office recommendation from Mayra and Brittany... I also recommend Pueblo pediatrics still... ;) Good luck!

Cluff Family said...

This is Kristine Komenda. When we were in Arizona I went to Dr. Neil Aaron and he is amazing!!! I cried when we left because I knew that I would never have a pediatrician like that every again and I haven't. I wish I remembered his office's name, but seriously, HE IS THE BEST!!!

EmileeandJonny said...

That's a bummer- I know you're talking about the office we go to. However, we have never had an experience like that! We have only seen a "nurse" once and that was when we went to the after hours care. When I call to make an apt I just ask for OUR docs... If you do decide to give them another chance, ask for Jones or Carroll- they are both great doctors that do not rush you. Love them both. Don't just take whatever apt they offer, always ask for the doc you want. That's ridiculous they told you you would see someone different everytime! Good luck with whatever you choose!

dalisinere said...
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dalisinere said...

I had a feeling I know which office you were talking about. They are ALWAYS highly reccommended. I (well Kaleb) sees Dr. Carroll and he's awesome! I have seen the NP a few times and never had a terrible experience, but hey, you need to go with whoever you are most comfortable with. Good luck

Nat & Tommy said...

Lis, sorry you had a bad experience! We go to Pueblo Peds and see Dr. Salek. I love love love him! They recently combined practices with someone else and to be honest the office as a whole went a little down. Not much but a little. But Dr. Salek is why we go! Hes wonderful and I totally recommend him to anyone!

Brandee said...

While living in Az I took the kids to Palo Verde Ped's in Gilbert. Dr. Chang is the best!! We also like Dr. Perlstein there. Good Luck! Such cute kiddos!