Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life Lately

Ever since we made the move back to AZ, we’ve been working on adjusting to our new lives…hence, the blog has been slightly neglected.
So here is an overload of pictures, depicting our lives over the last few weeks.


Dback tickets are a perk of TJ’s job!


(you KNOW this picture will be shown at his wedding!)


Dancing at Duper!

photo (3)

Eating sweet potatoes like a champ

photo (6)

Livvy really wanted to eat that burger…and I don’t blame her!

photo (8)

Celebrating the purchase of our new mattress (finally!) with some In-N-Out

photo (9)

Pretending to be dad

photo (10)

The happiest girl ever!

photo (12)

Riker asks to hold Olivia, but she’s much too wiggly these days!


Driving the car with buddy Eli

We’ve been in arizona for over 3 weeks now.
Some days it feels like we’ve been here much longer than that.
Other days, I feel like we just barely got back.
Slowly yet surely we are getting into a groove and adapting to our new life.
so far, it seems like we are going to like it!

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